Arteta Has The Virus

If you did not read my article on the spread of the coronavirus and it’s impact on world football (click here)





Mikel Arteta is the latest big name to test positive for the coronavirus. This is coming off the heels of Rugani, of Juventus, testing positive for the now epidemic disease as well as two NBA players in the United States. It was bound to happen, the spread of the coronavirus has been very rampant and exponential if the proper safeguards are not in place. Arteta was feeling under the weather and offered to take the test to see if he had the coronavirus and after a positive test he is now self-isolating. The impact of the positive test for Arteta is a huge detriment to Arsenal and their push for Champions League football as the entire first team must complete a self isolation period themselves. Arsenal’s weekend game against Brighton has been postponed and no one knows when it will be made up. 


It is truly a damn shame that this is happening around the world and even more so from a Gunners perspective because of their recent form in the Premier League. I have stated again and again on the podcast that Arsenal will go unbeaten in the Premier League and this will certainly have an impact if the Premier League season continues to be played….which begs the question….WHY THE HELL IS THE PREM NOT SUSPENDED YET?


Young Leg perfectly breaks down the analysis for how to go about the relegation process in the Premier League moving forward in the FA decides to suspend the rest of the season. Liverpool should certainly be awarded the title but the relegation battle is something completely different. Check out his analysis (here).

I am extremely pissed off about this happening but I am also not surprised. Arteta’s infection with coronavirus begs the questions…where the hell did he get the virus from and how long have Premier League players, referees, staff, and fans been exposed to the virus? How many unconfirmed cases are lingering around the UK as we speak? How many Atletico fans were carrying the disease around Liverpool? There are just too many unanswered questions. English FA, DO THE RIGHT THING. It is time to suspend the remaining matches of the seasons until further notice and the epidemic is under control. Get your shit together.


Written by: Tyler “Tweeder” Bond (@tybond16)

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