5 Games I’d Erase From Memory: Roma Edition

AS Roma, an iconic Italian club, with iconic moments, moments that I wish I could re-watch again and not know how it turned out. All of the great Totti and de Rossi moments that I wish I could see in real time. As a Roma fan, I am truly blessed to have been able to witness all of these moments, but I would much rather delete them and watch it all over again. Why? Because I am a sucker, and it would really help to pass time during this quarantine.



  • Roma versus Barcelona 10 April 2018 (3-0)



As a modern day fan of Roma, how can this game not be on the list? How can this game not be number 1 on the list? In order to advance, the Romans had to hold Barcelona to zero goals in the second leg of this Champions League match, and they did just that. An absolutely dominant performance after getting trounced in the previous league at Camp Nou, 4-1. I’ll never forget the moment when the Greek God, Manolas, scored the header that sealed the victory and advance for the Italian side. It was truly a magical night, a night that deserves to be erased and watched again day in and day out. 




  • Roma versus Parma 17 June 2001 (3-1)



While I may not have been old enough to watch this game live I still remember the first time I saw it and every Roma fan remembers this game, the game where Francesco Totti secured his one and only Scudetto. The boy born and raised in Rome had delivered what Romans have been dreaming of since 1983, another Scudetto. Totti’s goal was an absolute belter, smashed it home as if to say no one is taking this from me, no one is taking this from Rome. Roma fans have been dreaming of this day again, and we may have to wait a while to get another Scudetto, but Francesco Totti, got his, and he did it all for Rome. Truly one of the last one-club legends there is. How can this not be on the list?



  • Roma versus Bayern Munich 23 November 2010 (3-2)



The group stages of the Champions League can be great for some sides and terrible for others. Roma unfortunately had drawn Bayern Munich in their group, a truly dominant German side that for years has been at the forefront of Champions League competitions. In the first match Roma lost to the german giants 2-0, and the game is famously remembered for Ranieri’s vitriol towards his players following a series of consecutive losses. Roma were down 2-0 at half-time and mounted a comeback of epic proportions that saw both de Rossi and Totti score goals, with Totti sealing the game on a penalty in the 84th minute. One thing you could also count on in Rome, the heart and soul of those two players.



  • Roma versus Torino 20 April 2016 (3-2)



What the hell was so special that happened during this game? I’ll tell ya. Roma was down 2-1 to Torino in the closing minutes of the game. Around the 85th minute club legend, Francesco Totti comes onto the pitch. His first touch of the game he scored the equalizer. He timed the run to perfection off of the flick from Manolas and his old body got up in the air and guided the ball home. It was absolutely glorious. He was not finished, Roma drew a penalty and who else but Mr. Rome himself steps up to take it. Calm, cool, and collected Totti buries that ball into the bottom left corner of the net. Everytime that Totti steps on the pitch you get this feeling like he and Roma are invincible. Honestly, this is just turning into a Totti tribute at this point. God I miss that man.


  1. Roma versus Genoa 28 May 2017 (3-2)


You guessed, it has become a Totti tribute, I don’t care. I love that man. I miss that man. There will never be another like him. There will never be another like de Rossi. This was the last appearance for Francesco Totti in a Roma uniform as he subsequently retired at the end of the season, but boy did he go out on a high note! This hard fought game allowed Roma to secure a place in the Champions League the following season, a season that would bring about great memories from a Champions League run. While Totti did not start the game he subbed on for Mohamed Salah in the 54th minute and received a standing ovation from the Roma faithful. While it may not be the best storied game in Roma history it certainly had a lot of magic in it as Perotti scored the winner in the 90th minute and with that Francesco Totti would be able to walk into the sunset.  

Written by: Tyler Bond aka Charlie Tweeder (@tybond16)

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