5 Games I’d Erase From Memory: Tyler Bond (Gooner Edition)

Arsenal Fans…put on your seat belts because we are taking a ride in the Delorean. What games from my Arsenal history would I like to go back and watch again? There are several games that come to mind but boy am I glad that I started watching Arsenal at a young age, because the past decade or so has absolutely sucked. 




  • The Battle of Old Trafford–21 Sept 2003 Arsenal versus Manchester United (0-0)



The game took place during the Invincibles season and surprisingly did not take place after boxing day, but rather during the first two months of the season. Normally I would not pick a draw but this game had so much drama. Viera “kicks” out at Nistelrooy in the latter stages of the game and Viera gets sent off, much to the anger of the Arsenal players. During Fergie time, Martin Keown, legendary Arsenal defender gives up a penalty and none other than Ruud van Nistelrooy is going to take it…HE RIPS IT OFF OF THE BAR. Immediately after the final whistle van Nistelrooy gets surrounded and accosted by the Arsenal players who did not like his reaction to Viera’s “kick” out and began shoving him. It was truly a magical sight to see and was the beginning of a spectacular run for the North London Club.



  • North London Derby–26 Feb 2012 Arsenal versus Tottenham (5-2)



I will never forget the start of this game, the Gunners give up a shit goal to Saha in the 4th minute and then a penalty to none other than Emmanuel Adebayor. He may be the most hated former Arsenal player of all-time, he has to be. Back to the game, Arsenal manage to pull one back from the most unlikely of players, Bacary Sagna, he hadn’t scored a goal in a year. The most likely player to score Robin van Persie quickly tied the game before half-time and it was all gunner from that point forward. I mean who would have thought that Theo Walcott would bag a brace that game and Tomas Rosicky would score an absolute banger. Being able to watch this game all over again would give me a mild heart attack for the first 40 minutes, and then complete elation. I’m here for it.




  • North London Derby–17 Nov 2012 Arsenal versus Tottenham (5-2)



You guessed it, I mean how could I not pick this game. Of course Arsenal got off to a slow start and let that guy, Adebayor, score. No one could have predicted that the scoreline would turn out to be another 5-2 to Arsenal. The simple fact that the last two matches against Arsenal at the Emirates turn out to be absolute stomping performances by Arsenal over their inferior North London rivals is music to my ears. Even better about this is the fact that Bale is still on Tottenham at the time, Modric was there the year before, and they still got absolutely stomped. Watching this game all over again for the first time would have me going giddy and screaming from the rooftops “What do we think of Tottenham? Shit. What do we think of Shit? Tottenham!” Jack Wilshere you are a beautiful son of a bitch.



  • A Night in Madrid–21 Feb 2006 Arsenal versus Real Madrid (1-0)



This is a night Arsenal fans dream about every day. The Arsenal squad facing off against the Galacticos of Real of Madrid. Theirry Henry leading from the front, a young Cesc Fabregas, and an ageless Freddie Ljungberg going up against the likes of Ronaldo, Zidane, Guit, Beckham, Raul, Ramos, Roberto Carlos, Graveson, and a dominant Iker Casillas. No one in their right mind would have thought Arsenal had a shot at winning this game, but Arsenal started off on the front foot and never let up. Not only was this the first meeting between the two clubs, but Arsenal became the first english team to beat Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. Henry was simply a masterclass that night, and made a dynamic run through the Madrid defense to score the games only goal. Not only was Henry truly great but Jens Lehmann did a traffic job net. A game for the ages.



  • Reading Comeback–30 Oct 2012 Arsenal versus Reading (7-5)



This game was absolutely nuts. Arsenal went down 4-0 in the first 40 minutes of the game during this cup tie in late October. What happens from the stoppage time in the first half to the end of the game is absolutely stunning. Walcott bagged a hat-trick on the night and his second goal of the game was the most important as it sent the game into extra time, scoring right at the death in stoppage time plus six minutes. Not only did Walcott bag a hat-trick but we witnessed a miracle that night when Chamakh scored two goals in extra-time. This game was absolutely insane, and had the highs and lows of Arsenal for that entire season. Dynamic going forward, but absolutely terrible defensively. That game made me age a good ten years but I would gladly go through that torture again just to watch some footy.


Written by: Tyler Bond aka “Charlie Tweeder” (@tybond16)

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