5 Games I’d Erase From Memory: YL

What’s going on people Young Leg here day I don’t know 83 of quarantine and I am reminiscing. I am thinking of all the football I took for granted before, all the good times we had together. Then I thought to myself why is there not a hidden safe filled with these gems. UEFA how many Champions League matches are you keeping from us? I know someone has the film, so drop that shit. Anyway here is a quick wish list I made for my football leagues across the world.


  1. Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich (2014 UCL)

Now I am sorry for all you Bayern fans out there but this was a 4-0 ass whooping that nobody was really ready for. Real Madrid came into Munich up 1-0 in the Champions League semi final and just shoved it right in Pep Guardiola’s face. Real Madrid absolutely dominated, not only did el Capitan Sergio Ramos raise up for 2 headers goals. Ronaldo sunk a beautiful free-kick under the wall, after Bale had just dusted the defense for another. Just a beautiful match I did not appreciate enough, but man do I love my captain.


2. Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid (2014 UCL)

I know, I know… Really back to back same year UCL, Well guess what this game was just as epic so F*ck off. Down 1-0 headed into added time, Modric lines up a corner. 92:48 if you blinked you missed it, Sergio Ramos nods it home for Madrid to equalize. Headed into added time Simeone and his men couldn’t last. Madrid ate them alive racking up 3 more Bale, Marcelo, Ronaldo. Sh*t Ronaldo planned a movie scene for when he scored that featured in his documentary. This game was electric La Decima, what we waited 9 years for Zidane to bring to us, he did it as an assistant coach. Love you all.


              ——–Burn it in your brain

3. Real Madrid vs. Wolfsburg (2016)

This was another one that Madrid fans sat on the edge of their seat, but still confident because we had the balon d’or winning Cristiano Ronaldo on an absolute mission. After losing the first leg 2-0, Ronaldo came in with 2 goals in 17 minutes. It was at this moment Wolfsburg knew it was over. Another free kick from Ronni would put Madrid through to the next round and completely erase the first game form memory. Real Madrid also gave a little nod to the world to tell them that they are never done.


4. Germany vs Brazil (2014)

I know finally a non Madrid match, I know I apologize I will have some other guys right these with other allegiances. This game that ended up being a 7-1 ass kicking from Germany will go down in infamy. At no point did anyone ever see this coming even with the way Germany was playing. After Brazil made this into a “Revenge” game for Neymar going dow we got to see when David Luiz career was ended. Having the armband for this game was poison to him since it was obvious the loss of Thiago Silva and Neymar exposed the Brazilians. To watch an absolute master class from Germany I will never take for granted.


5. Barcelona vs. Real Madrid (2002)

The Champions League semi-final Madrid had not met Barcelona for 40 years in European competition. Zidane opened the scoring with a beautiful chip and if you know me you know I love a good chip goal. Zidane was next level at these finishes, then McManaman added the second. This was the road to the 9th and beating Barcelona is always a bonus.


Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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