The Debut of Random Sh*t

What you have here is the popular segment from TwoFootTalk called “Random Sh*t”. What that is pretty much gives Young Leg the freedom to find anything in the soccer community that peaks his interest. This could vary from Household names to Neymar’s sister dating Zlatan. We took that and gave the opportunity to get other… Continue Reading →


Oh Captain! My Captain!

I don’t want to talk about VAR. I don’t want to talk about tactics. I don’t want to talk about drawing Palace after going ahead on 2 gifted goals from scrappy corners. I want to talk about Granit Xhaka.   Today, Granit Xhaka cemented himself in Arsenal infamy. After being subbed off in the 61st minute… Continue Reading →

Why, Arsenal?

Today is the day. It is officially the day where I as an Arsenal supporter can not take the torture anymore. Why in the world would anyone be a fan of a team like this? A team capable of so many moments of beauty, precision, and passion…but more a team capable of ripping out your… Continue Reading →


Below you will see the writers we have on staff and what the majority of what they write on. We are always looking for more people to help us generate original content so if you have an interest in writing please see our contact information. If you would like even faster updates from our writers… Continue Reading →

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