Champions League Preview 2/19

Alright people who would of thought we would get the most boring game of all time in the Liverpool Atleti game yesterday. I think they read my blog when I said there was 2 options for the game. Liverpool lose 1-0 at the Wanda. Also I got nervous we weren’t going to get any goals… Continue Reading →

Champions League Preview 2/18

Alright people it is finally that time the Champions League knockout stages. What feels like an eternity we have been waiting today is now the day. We have two absolutely brilliant matches today. I am going to break down the teams, see who I think will win, and of course their chances of winning the… Continue Reading →

La Liga MatchWeek 24

What is going on people another week, another recap of the most beautiful football in the world. ITS NOT SOCCER…..Its La Liga. Lets get right into this people I bet like sh*t this week for La Liga strictly because I decided to parlay everything with Sevilla in it. CHOKE ARTISTS. Anyway…. Top 4 Real Madrid… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Goalkeepers In The World

What’s going on everyone just another day of me scrolling the internet, seeing something that irks me a little bit, then writing to make it better. You know why cause that is what Young Leg does I am a healer, I will take a situation that you obviously choked on, and make it beautiful. First… Continue Reading →

Transfers I NEED

So I am looking through all the transfer speculations, some I like, some not so much. There are some that I think would be perfect that aren’t even listed, but I know people have been murmuring about. So here is a whole lot of click bait that will hopefully start a narrative to who should… Continue Reading →

La Liga Recap – Week 22

Alright people, we are back again with the worlds greatest football league. Tons of action Real Madrid and Barcelona keeping it very close at the top, as well as we the battle for European spots really starting to heat up. Let’s get right into week 22.   The Top 4 Alright so in our top… Continue Reading →

La Liga Recap – Week 21

We are back people! La Liga returns and we got a little bit of everything. We saw upsets, we saw late winners, unlikely scorers, and I gotta be honest I loved everything about it. Let’s get right into this The Top 4   Lets see just how close theses top 4 are in the table…. Continue Reading →

YL Week: Day 5

Alright everyone it was a good time, it was some great lists, and were almost to the end. As we all know the great quote “Look good. Play Good.” So let us make this a beautiful list. Day 5 we are going to top 5 kits all time. I Young Leg am guilty of judging… Continue Reading →

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