Where Is Eden Hazard?

Attention mi Madristas now this blog is obviously really premature but I am almost hoping for a reverse effect from it. I am pretty much going to keep stating this until he proves me wrong, and I really hope he does prove me wrong. However for now I am just sitting here angry thinking about… Continue Reading →


VAR Rankings EPL Week 3

Alright people so with every coming week we are going to have another group of people who are going to be pissed off by VAR. This week couldn’t of come soon enough for certain clubs, has us questioning managers of other clubs, and of course most importantly people are B*TCHIN. I am going to go… Continue Reading →

Ranking VAR’s Effect on Club Morale

So obviously this week, and the opening week of the Premier League were all it took for people to fall deeply in love with VAR (Video Assistant Ref). I hear people complaining that they can’t even celebrate goals the same now, they have to wait to make sure their happiness is not snatched away from… Continue Reading →

Sead Kolasinac Arsenal “Legend”

Yeah, you read that right. I Young Leg have decided that this man is now an Arsenal legend after talking to multiple Arsenal and football enthusiasts. I am sure you have seen the headlines with Kolasinac and Ozil, BUT if you haven’t let me shine some light on it for you. Ozil and Sead were… Continue Reading →

Football Withdraw

What’s going on people! Day 67 without club football and it’s been bleak. I am surviving on African Cup of Nations. However, with the Super Eagles getting eliminated in heartbreaking fashion I am spiraling. So let us focus on the positives. Like for all my EPL fans we are just 23 days away from the… Continue Reading →

La Liga 2 Promotions

Ahh my fellow Spaniards/ Wannabe Spainiards. We have our three teams from La Liga Segunda Division. They are teams you have definitely heard of and it was done in some very dramatic fashion. With the relegated teams decided: Rayo Vallecano, Huseca, and Girona it was only a matter of time until we found the chosen… Continue Reading →

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