Football Withdraw

What’s going on people! Day 67 without club football and it’s been bleak. I am surviving on African Cup of Nations. However, with the Super Eagles getting eliminated in heartbreaking fashion I am spiraling. So let us focus on the positives. Like for all my EPL fans we are just 23 days away from the… Continue Reading →


La Liga 2 Promotions

Ahh my fellow Spaniards/ Wannabe Spainiards. We have our three teams from La Liga Segunda Division. They are teams you have definitely heard of and it was done in some very dramatic fashion. With the relegated teams decided: Rayo Vallecano, Huseca, and Girona it was only a matter of time until we found the chosen… Continue Reading →

Real Madrid Spending Spree

Hello my fellow Madristas, *Obama Voice* it has been a forgetful year for Madrid fans although we did secure another Club World Cup championship everything else was a sh*t show. From the lack of scoring, to locker room problems, to early exits, and third place finishes Madrid fans have been through the worst winners hang… Continue Reading →

Klopp vs. Pochettino

This is the battle for the European crown people it comes to us this Saturday. Now if you aren’t excited for the Champions League final maybe go talk to someone or see a doctor because it is about to be “HUGE”. We have the all English final between Tottenham Hotspurs and Liverpool. The thing I… Continue Reading →

Who’s Safe at Madrid?

What’s going on? I know you have probably seen the billion rumors that Real Madrid has in the transfer window even before it begins. Most of them being Hazard but now up to 14 players have all been rumored to be on the outs at Madrid. With names like Bale, Navas, and Marcelo it seems… Continue Reading →

What Is Gareth Bale Doing?

Oh dear, oh dear what in the world is Gareth Bale going to do. What’s going on friends, footy fans it is I your neighborhood Madrista here to break down the whole Gareth Bale drama that is going down before the transfer window even begins. Bale (Well mostly his agent) has come out and said… Continue Reading →

Champions League Preview

Hey what’s going on? It’s me your friend Young Leg, I am sitting here waiting for the Champions League anthem to grace my ear drums once again. Getting very impatient also only one game is going to be on? Really can’t stream us both….. shit tv deal. Let’s get this going first things first we… Continue Reading →

YL Think Tank

What’s going on its Young Leg, I just needed to get some things off my chest after a wild week of footy. There are so many things that have been going on that I haven’t gotten to really break it all down and I didn’t think a simple writing piece would be enough. SO HERES… Continue Reading →

Zidane Era 2.0

Welcome all and let me just say THANK LORD ALMIGHTY WE ARE FREE ATLAST. Solari is gone and every Madrid fan was given the greatest news they could possibly hear…. Zinedine Zidane is back in the managers spot for Madrid. The man who has brought Madrid the last three consecutive Champions league titles, a domestic… Continue Reading →

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