La Liga Recap – Week 21

We are back people! La Liga returns and we got a little bit of everything. We saw upsets, we saw late winners, unlikely scorers, and I gotta be honest I loved everything about it. Let’s get right into this The Top 4   Lets see just how close theses top 4 are in the table…. Continue Reading →


YL Week: Day 5

Alright everyone it was a good time, it was some great lists, and were almost to the end. As we all know the great quote “Look good. Play Good.” So let us make this a beautiful list. Day 5 we are going to top 5 kits all time. I Young Leg am guilty of judging… Continue Reading →

YL Week: Day 4 Free Kicks

Alright people here we go again, another edition of YL Week. Now what I have is one of the most appreciated skills in world football. The “Free Kick Specialist” and this is always a fun list to flirt with. You will see graphics of it all the time just because of the players that have… Continue Reading →

YL Week: All Time Top 5 Goals

Hello and welcome everyone, With my Birthday coming up next week I thought it was a good opportunity to bring you the content that everyone really wants to hear… My top 5’s. So to start it off we are keeping it simple with my top 5 goals.(You have to be alive for the goals so… Continue Reading →

Where Is Eden Hazard?

Attention mi Madristas now this blog is obviously really premature but I am almost hoping for a reverse effect from it. I am pretty much going to keep stating this until he proves me wrong, and I really hope he does prove me wrong. However for now I am just sitting here angry thinking about… Continue Reading →

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