A-Dawg Top 5 OTW 12/8

Nothing is better than seeing a Cinderella story. That’s right the David vs Goliaths, the 16 seed beating the 1 seed, doesn’t matter what sports reference I refer to. We all love to see it. This week I will be breaking down the top 5 upsets of all time. 

#5 Italy vs Germany 2006 World Cup

These two countries absolutely hate each other. Germany was always successful against Italy. Whether it was wars or in sports, Germany was the dominant country. Italy needed a spark to get the country united again. This game was the spark. Germany was going into this game expecting a cake walk on home turf. Fabio Grosso’s goal will never be forgotten. Italy shocked the world and the camera shot on Jurgen Klinsmann says it all.

#4 Greece vs Portugal UEFA Euro 2004

Entering this game, the whole world assumed Portugal would stop on Greece, that was not the case. Greece was an inexperienced team since this was their second European Championship. The first half was not what was expected. Portugal came out flat and Greece was maintaining them. Early in the second half, Angelos Charisteas had a beautiful header that made the game 1 to 0. Little did he know that was going to be the winning goal. This goal shocked the world and led Greece to win.

#3 Cameroon vs Argentina 1990 World Cup

Cameroon had a tough matchup against the reigning champ Argentina. This era Argentina was the team to beat and the players on Cameroon belonged to weak leagues. The world realized this was going to be a great match when Cameroon showed up with a lot of speed and strength. The goal occurred off a header straight to Sergio Javier Goycochea. Sergio was not able to come up with it which led to a devastating loss.

#2 Cadiz vs Barcelona 2020

Let me take you back a little bit. That’s right December 5, 2020. Cadiz CF vs Barcelona. Barcelona gazed right over this squad when viewing the December calendar. You could tell Barcelona was worried about Juventus. Don’t let this get to your head because Cadiz controlled the match. Alvaro Gimenez scored right off the bat leading to an Alvaro Negredo goal. The only reason Barcelona scored was because of an own goal. Cadiz made Barca look pathetic and you must respect that. 

#1 USA vs England 1950 World Cup

What do you expect? Some call it the biggest upset in sports, we have USA vs England known as the Miracle of Belo Horizonte at number 1. England was the favorite coming into this match and USA did not have much hope. The goal was scored on the 37th minute by Joseph Gaetjens and it was a beauty. I wish I could have experienced that moment because it would have been a sight to see. The Americans beating the Brits once again comes in at number 1 on my list.  

Written by: Alex “A-Dawg” Meinhart

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