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Welcome back lads!!! Today is the day I release my top 5 defenders of all time. Everyone knows who the number one defender is so there won’t be any controversy there, but the 2-5 positions will be talked for years to come. This is the blog all Barca fans have been waiting for and I delivered it to yall.


5 Roberto Carlos da Silva Rocha

The second best Real Madrid defender of all time and best left back comes in at number 5 on my list. Roberto Carlos changed the left back position for years to come. He started as a forward and then transitioned to the left back giving him the ability to push up on runs and take free kicks. He is classified as the most offensive minded left back of all time and chosen for the FIFA World Cup Dream Team.

4. Franz Beckenbauer

That’s right lads The Emperor comes in at number 4. Franz is hands down the best German defender of all time. People say Franz was the person who played as a sweeper and maybe even invented the sweeper position. He also made the World Cup all-star team in all three appearances. Franz “The Emperor” Beckenbauer was a success on pitch whether it was club or international.

3. John Terry

That’s right lads let me hear you in the back, its John Terry. Terry comes in at number 3 on my list. Terry is the best defender to play in the English Premier League. The three-time UEFA club defender of the year always thrived with passing and scoring. He is the highest scoring defender for Chelsea and was the world’s third best passer with an accuracy rate of 91%. Terry completed a lot of great accomplishments and is the best to ever wear the number 26.

2. Paolo Maldini

This player needs no introduction needed. Coming in at number 2 on my list is Paolo “Il Capitano” Maldini. Paolo is the best Italian defender of all time and stands out from the rest. The AC Milan legend had a total of 647 appearances in Serie A. that was the record for a long time til Gianluigi Buffon broke it. He was very successful on team Italy and was FIFA World Player of the Year.

1.Sergio Ramos

No need to write paragraphs why Sergio Ramos is the best defender of all time since everyone in the world is already informed. Being the best defender of all time in the best futbol league speaks for itself. Being the best defender, best free kick taker, best captain, and best physical player of all time there isn’t much more to say. I can go on and on about all the awards and accomplishments or even shutting down average players like Messi, but I won’t do that. Sergio Ramos number 1 through and through.

Written by: Alex “ADawg” Meinhart

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