A-Dawgs Top 5 Of the Week

This week is a special edition of Adawg’s Top 5. This one is a special shoutout to McNastysandwich. That’s right we are covering Adawg’s Top 5 favorite fails of all time. There have been countless amounts of fails and I am bringing you me favorite 5.

#5 Messi missed pk against Iceland

Messi’s week pk shot was simply easy for the keeper to block. My number one advice I have for Messi is to attend a Sergio Ramos camp. Learn from the greatest Messi. You will get the skills you need to retire and be considered an average player.

#4 Igor Akinfeev Bad Hands

I know what the lads are thinking… who is this guy? Akinfeev has the worst goalie fail I have seen live in action. Watching this game during the World Cup and seeing this mistake made me laugh for days. Igor Akinfeev lost control of an easy kick direct right to him which lead to a goal.

#3 Neymar Flop

Nothing makes Adawg more upset than a flopper. Neymar flopping against Mexico in the 2018 World Cup comes in at 3. His dramatic skit was a disgrace to Brazil and something a crappy team like Barcelona teaches. The reason I consider it a huge fail is because he was holding one leg and rolled around and was holding the other leg. The only way Neymar could get media attention was to flop because he played worse than expected. 

#2 Gerard Pique The Worst Slide Tackle

Coming in at number 2 on the top 5 is Gerard Pique. Pique is definitely the most overrated defensive player in the league. Since Pique has had an abundant of awful slide tackles, I must be very specific. Portugal vs Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo dribbling in the 18 cuts back Pique completely misses the slide tackle and Ronaldo chips it over the keeper for a goal.

#1 Messi missed pk against Chile

After reading the heading everyone is wondering what pk is Adawg talking about? He already mentioned a Messi missed pk. Messi stinks at taking pks so there is a lot to choose from. I am taking you to Argentina vs Chile and watching the worst pk of all time. His attempt wasn’t even close. With the game on the line of course Messi would choke. Messi is awful in clutch moments and especially with international play.

Written by: Alex “A-Dawg” Meinhart

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