Arthur-Pjanic Swap

Here we go! The Arthur Melo for Miralem Pjanic swap deal is going through with Juventus sending 10 million euros to Barcelona as well. There are so many reasons this is a good move for Juventus for right now, and for the future. It certainly will be sad to see Pjanic leave, but as I have mentioned before, it’s the right time. Juve are finally looking to add some more young talent to their team and this is a great start. We’ll see how it works out once their new wages are released to the public, but as of right now, this is a win-win for Juventus. Barcelona has been bamboozled, stolen from, and I’m amazed that this deal is happening.
Let’s get into the positives of this deal and how it is a win-win for Juventus. Arthur is only 23 years old and has already proven he can start and make a difference for a big club. Pjanic is now 30 years old and this deal values him at only 10 million euros less than the much younger Arthur. This means Juventus were looking for a younger player to add to the midfield to be able to grow and progress with another 23 year old, Rodrigo Bentancur. If you read my blogs, you know how much I love Bentancur for this Juventus team, and adding Arthur will help bring out his best qualities. Having a young core midfield is great for so many reasons, but it is up to the coach to have patience and give them time on the pitch together. Lionel Messi even compared Arthur to Xavi, saying that he demands the ball and can be trusted with it. Juventus need this kind of player in the midfield because everytime I see the ball on Matuidi, Khedira, or Rabiot’s feet, I feel possession going the other way. With Bentancur sitting behind him in the midfield next season, Arthur will have loads of freedom on the ball and pushing forward.
To me, there are no negatives on Juventus’ side of the deal. Pjanic is aging and it shows in his game. He isn’t the same on the ball as he was in previous seasons, he isn’t making the right decisions with his passing, and he is too late getting back to help in transition defense. I’ve said multiple times this season that it is time to move on from Pjanic. He has been a key player for Juventus since coming over from Roma, but the time is right and they found the perfect deal for his departure. Pjanic’s free kicks will certainly be missed, although he doesn’t get many chances anymore with Dybala and Ronaldo in the mix.
Another great thing about the deal that I feel many may overlook is the chemistry Juventus is building with South Americans in the squad. When watching matches or training sessions, you can tell there is a different level of trust and chemistry between these guys. There are plenty of Brazilians in the squad and adding one more will only help build that team trust in the clubhouse and on the pitch. Last summer there were some questionable signings for Juventus and it shows in how the team is playing this season; however, with their signings and expected departures this summer, it seems they are getting it together. Adding a couple more full backs, a forward, and another key midfielder will have Juventus in great shape to compete in all competitions next season. With the signing of Arthur, my dream midfield for Juventus next season includes him, Bentancur, and Paul Pogba. Make it happen Agnelli, Paratici, and Nedved; I see you struggling to watch these games in the stands.
Written by: Michael “TFT Mike” Cooke (@mike_cooke3)


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