Champions League 2/26

Alright people our last of the first legs are finally here we have the best matchup of the competition and honestly probably the worst today. I still think both games will be excellent. Barcelona ruined my good streak, and Bayern Munich made me look like a genius. That's in the past though we are talking... Continue Reading →


Champions League Preview 2/25

Alright people, the Champions League is BACK. We have some powerhouse matches this week but for right now we are just going over the Tuesday matches. YL coming off a double winner last Wednesday we will see if he can keep the streak going. ITS THE CHAMPIONS! First up we got Bayern Munich visiting London... Continue Reading →

Ring Around The Rosie

As a former history teacher I am very fond of the saying “if we do not learn from history, it is destined to repeat itself”. Unfortunately this saying always proves itself to be true, especially since the coronavirus has officially hit Italy. Now is the coronavirus exactly like the Plague? No. Did the Plague originate... Continue Reading →

La Liga Recap Match Week 25

Hello my friends it is still an absolute battle at the top of La Liga. Spain never disappoints with the matches we saw magic, we saw heart break, and of course a whole lot of trash officiating which seems to be the trending topic this week in world football. Anyway let's get right into this.... Continue Reading →

Juventus Match Day 25 Recap

Juventus vs SPAL Stats according to Shots: Juventus 20-12 Spal On Target: 6-5 Possession: 55%-45% So lets get right into the major headlines from this game. Cristiano Ronaldo is playing in his 1,000th career professional match. This is a big deal since most of the players to hit these kinds of numbers are goalkeepers.... Continue Reading →

The Penis Debacles

So I had the hardest (lol penis humor) time thinking of a title for these absolutely ridiculous stories that I am going to tell you now. Two individual stories about football, and two individual punishments for involving their love members. Please enjoy this interesting journey with me because Football ladies and gentlemen can truly take... Continue Reading →

Champions League Preview 2/19

Alright people who would of thought we would get the most boring game of all time in the Liverpool Atleti game yesterday. I think they read my blog when I said there was 2 options for the game. Liverpool lose 1-0 at the Wanda. Also I got nervous we weren't going to get any goals... Continue Reading →

Champions League Preview 2/18

Alright people it is finally that time the Champions League knockout stages. What feels like an eternity we have been waiting today is now the day. We have two absolutely brilliant matches today. I am going to break down the teams, see who I think will win, and of course their chances of winning the... Continue Reading →

What’s City’s Ban Mean to Me?

BANNED! Manchester City has been banned from UCL play for the next two seasons, after violating financial fair play. The 30 million euro fine, is chump change for a club with the backing line City has. But what other implications will this have on Europe? Lets take the Bayern point of view.   City will... Continue Reading →

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