English Premier League MatchWeek 9

Hello one and all and welcome back to the weekly installment of Dief’s Premier League matchweek preview where we will cover the absolute MAYHEM week 8 was and take you through what Matchweek 9 has in store for us. Matchweek 8 of the Premier League is certainly the biggest of the season and has brought... Continue Reading →


Oh Captain My …. What the F***

We have a new captain at Arsenal Football Club and his name is Matteo....wait, what? Granit Xhaka?! This an absolute joke. This man is a walking yellow card and he times his tackles so erratically way to often to the captain of this side.  Xhaka’s track record at Arsenal has been mixed. While I will... Continue Reading →

Where Is Eden Hazard?

Attention mi Madristas now this blog is obviously really premature but I am almost hoping for a reverse effect from it. I am pretty much going to keep stating this until he proves me wrong, and I really hope he does prove me wrong. However for now I am just sitting here angry thinking about... Continue Reading →

EPL Matchweek 7

Another week and another Dief Premier League Matchweek Preview coming at ya.. But before we get into that let’s get into the absolute thriller matchweek 6 was for PL spectators around the world. Starting with the one of the biggest results in Premier League HISTORY, Manchester City absolutely beat down Watford by a whooping score... Continue Reading →

PL Matchweek 6

Welcome back to my weekly installment of Premier League matchweek preview. As we approach matchweek 6 we have some great fixtures on tap that will surely make for an exciting week that could certainly shake up the table, but as always, a quick review of matchweek 5. Obviously to start, Norwich City ( basically the... Continue Reading →

Why, Arsenal?

Today is the day. It is officially the day where I as an Arsenal supporter can not take the torture anymore. Why in the world would anyone be a fan of a team like this? A team capable of so many moments of beauty, precision, and passion…but more a team capable of ripping out your... Continue Reading →

Bayern UCL Draw (Bayern vs Banter Fc)

The UCL group stage is set, but here we will be highlighting group B.  As the #TFT Bavarian I feel the need to break this group down especially. This group will feature the record German Champions Bayern Munich, Tottenham Hotspur aka, Banter FC, Olympiakos from Greece, and Red Star from Serbia.   I titled this... Continue Reading →

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