Bayern UCL Draw (Bayern vs Banter Fc)

The UCL group stage is set, but here we will be highlighting group B. 


As the #TFT Bavarian I feel the need to break this group down especially.

This group will feature the record German Champions Bayern Munich, Tottenham Hotspur aka, Banter FC, Olympiakos from Greece, and Red Star from Serbia.

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I titled this article what I did because it would be expected that either Bayern or Tottenham will come out on top with the second place team being at most three points behind. There will always be the shock upsets and gritty draws, especially playing teams who want to prove something against the European giant, yes giant, Tottenham you aren’t there yet, win an EFL cup or something and we’ll talk. Olympiacos came in second last year in the Greek Super League, with Red Star winning the Serbian Super League.  


I’m going to start with Olympiakós, it will be short and sweet. Unless another owner walks out onto the pitch with the strap, I see them taking scrappy points against Red Star at home, but that’s about all I see. 


Red Star is a fun one for me because anyone who knows me knows I have a fascination with Eastern Europe. Don’t ask me why, I can’t explain it. But one thing I can say about all these kinds of teams is they play hard, they scrap, and they leave it all on the field. I know I said Olympiakós could take points off of them, but that’s a big maybe. I think you are looking at two wins and maybe a hard fought draw against Tottenham or Bayern.


Now I’m choosing to call Tottenham Banter FC because they just make it so easy.  After playing two of the most incredible two legged ties ever last season, you gave us the most lackluster and boring final of all time. You have your new stadium, what about new personnel? At the time I am writing this there are two days of the transfer window left and we still don’t know Christian Eriksen’s future, but I do know the team store in London is selling candles with his face fifty percent off. Come on Tottenham surprise me please, get wins at both Olympiacos and Red Star, I’m begging you.


Now, Bayern Munich, new year, new me? It would seem so as the Bavarian giants look a lot different than they did a year ago. With the likes of Robery moving on, Hummels returning to the Black and Yellow, and James going back to Madrid, you would think that they where in trouble. BUT! Bayern also reloaded this summer signing Lucas Hernandez and Benjamin Pavard, as well as securing loan deals for Ivan Persic and Phil Coutinho. Along with a returning strong front three and possibly the greatest right back in the world, Bayern and Nico Kovic have got to impress in the UCL this year. If the group plays out how I think it will I would expect them to maybe Draw in London at the new White Hart Lane, and maybe get a gritty draw at Red Star. 


I know I put a lot of what if’s in this but I believe the final table will read…


Bayern– 16 Points

Tottenham– 13 Points

Red Star– 4 Points

Olympiacos– 1 Point


Agree, disagree, hit me up on Twitter @glennlorance, and as always you can find the best footy content only @twofoottalk. 

Written by: Glenn “Lefty” Lorance (@Glennlorance)

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