Can You Find Me A League I’m Not Great At Gambling On?

Alright so if you chumps don’t follow me just know I’m a great guy, very paitient, very understanding, and now that the frauds are gone prepare for a ton of sh*t talk.

SO, I have been betting the Colombian Primera while international break is going on and boy is it getting spicy. The amount of red cards that have ruined/saved my games is Ramos esque and I love it. This league is just straight electricity and you have to watch it being filmed by a camera from 2003. It is all just brining back the nostalgia of footy for me and the old serie a leagues where every tackle could end a career. That being said the league is getting too easy to bet, and I am looking to branch out.

Currently I have some prospects I have been monitoring, but every freaking league is all over the place. I would love to have specific leagues to bet on for every night of the week, cause right now I am just jumping around tryna figure out all the leagues. This had led to some exciting nights for me don’t get me wrong, but any challenges would be welcomed. Let’s look at some prospects.

Brazil Serie A

Now this league has always caught my eye just because Brazil plays the most exciting football out there. Not always the most effective but always the most fun to watch. I always came off as a Sao Paulo guy because of my love for Alexandre Pato, but I have not found my go to gambling team for the league yet. Sao Paulo and Gremio have been very good to me so far this season, also keep in mind the league leaders Atletico MG have not lost at home since February. This is all I have gathered thus far but this is a league to watch.

Thai League

If you couldn’t figure this one out its the Thailand League. Off the jump I saw Port FC and immediately liked them. I go to check the table they are 3rd with only 2 L’s. Also they are currently on a 4 game win streak and have put up 13 goals in the last 4 matches. They don’t play their best football at home, but they have not lost away. They travel well and they have been who I was riding with. Then you got the top team BG Pathum United who just straight up have not lost a game all year. They were one of Ports losses at home. I will say throwing Pathum United on any parlay is usually just extra juice. Warning: They do have complaints about match fixing, and sometimes they are hard to ignore…

Serie A (Ecuador)

Last one this is the Ecuador league and what really brought me here is Barcelona SC. This is a team founded by a Barcelona native and named it after you guessed it Barcelona. Naturally I hate them, they are the most successful team in Ecuador, and the most popular. Pretty much what I am saying is fu*k them and I immediately looked up their rival which is Emelec. AKA I FOUND MY ECUADOR TEAM. Now Barcelona is above them (3rd is better than 4th) but only by 2 points. All the top 4 teams have only lost 1 game so far and I haven’t gathered a ton of information about the betting scene yet, but fu*k Barca. Emelec has yet to lost as home and I have been riding that so far.


Now there are going to be “eXpErTs” from these countries, or from these leagues that try and tell me I am wrong. Y’all know me though nobody has eye balls like these. I can pick out a good club without even seeing them play a match yet. It all comes from years and years of being glued to a screen watching the greatest club/country in the world, dominate.

There are going to be people saying “Well, SH*T! Where can I get these picks every day???” Don’t even worry about it I got you. Just hop in the discord and you will have these eyes, this gambling brain… at the palm of your hands. For warning if you ask something stupid/say something offensive…. Its all welcome just know we will say it back.

Come on in join the family lets burn some money.

Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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