CHIT Picks 10/22

CHIT picks are back! Yes this is the second week in a row that CHIT picks is coming in blog form, truly a miracle. The games last week went as expected with a few twists and turns, and to everyone’s shock Everton is still Chit Liverpool. VAR certainly had an impact on many of... Continue Reading →

A-Dawgs Top 5 Of The Week

Welcome to the first addition of Adawg’s top 5. Each week I will be bringing you a list of top 5 things all about the beautiful game and what we are talking about this week. This week the topic is jerseys.  That’s right lads let’s talk jerseys. Jerseys are a necessity when it comes to... Continue Reading →

CHIT Picks 10/15

Back by popular demand, thanks to ADawg for the constant harassment on my lack of ability to put out the weekly CHIT picks. It is because of you that these picks are now available, mainly because you cannot stand listening to me on the podcast. Honestly everyone should listen to the podcast for all your... Continue Reading →

Frauds of theWeek

Alright, as a gambler I have had about enough of you teams that claim to be good, spend the money, and yet choke. I have a good record still as far as my gambling has been going, however a couple of frauds got me twisted up inside. My first name is Manchester United the home... Continue Reading →

Champions League Draw Reactions

What is going on people after what felt like the longest, most drawn out way to select groups of four we have our draw. Now some draws look a little suspect, but for the most part everything looks like it will be AMAZING. Lets get right into this. First we have group A one that... Continue Reading →

CHIT Picks 9/18

Please allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Charlie Tweeder and I am back with CHIT Picks for this week and for all next 40 weeks as we progress through this years’ campaign. It is good to back, it is good to be talking footy, it is good to help you all win some... Continue Reading →

Serie A Predictions 20-21

We are almost back with Serie A matches and thank God because I wouldn't know what to do with myself. The league starts off with Fiorentina vs. Torino this Saturday and let's just say we're excited. Juventus were given a run for their money last season, making my predictions for this upcoming season much harder.... Continue Reading →

La Liga 20-21 Predictions

Alright people listen up... were just a few days away from the greatest football this planet has to offer, LA LIGA! Athletic Bilbao will be traveling to face Granada in the opening match, and it couldn't come any faster. With this excitement sending that certain tingle through my body, comes of course with my 20-21... Continue Reading →

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