The Worst Time Of The Year

One of the worst Mondays of the year is when there is definitively no footy on. Yeah we got MLS, The Gold Cup, and various other leagues. Then you realize we just watched the two best teams in Europe face off for 120 minutes and finish in a historic penalty shootout. We go from that... Continue Reading →

Good Bye Zizou, Hello Mr Ancelotti

Well, Madristas we can breathe again somewhat. Carlo Ancelotti has announced he will be stepping down from Everton and heading back to the Spanish capital where he won he last Champions League. This by no means makes it okay what the board did to Zidane, this does however make up for them sacking Ancelotti during... Continue Reading →

Invincible is a Mindset

You are not seeing things, Bond aka Charlie Tweeder, is back in the blogosphere with some Arsenal updates. If you have been listening to the podcast then you already know that I have lost complete faith in the Gunners’ organization and my fandom is waning. My foray back into blogging stems from a terrible 2007... Continue Reading →

YL’s Super League

Well, obviously everyone seems very upset about the announcement of the Super League and its getting rough out here. People are denouncing clubs people are screaming about punishment, and I am sitting here wishing everyone would relax. Do I think the Super league will actually happen? Probably not. Do I think someone needs to check... Continue Reading →

Good bye Frank, Hello Tuchel.

How do I start? Besides saying Thank you. To a true blue, a Chelsea legend Frank Lampard. The job he did as manager wasn't great, but he faced tough times, brought great talent to the club, and I will never forget what he's done to establish Chelsea as one of the greats in England. Now,... Continue Reading →

CHIT Picks 12/24

It is the most wonderful time of the year. Not because of Christmas, not because of New Years, but because Boxing Day is finally here! Premier League fans can finally celebrate the fact their league is the only league that plays this upcoming weekend. CHiT Picks are going to go a little differently this week... Continue Reading →

CHIT Picks 12/17

LA LIGA: Real Sociedad v. Atletico Madrid:           RSO +220 <------> ATL  +140 History: These two teams have split their last five meetings with one draw mixed in as well. Typically a low-scoring affair thanks to the managerial style of Diego Simeone. La Real have actually been better away from home... Continue Reading →

CHIT Picks 12/10

This week we double up the picks since we are being blessed with mid week football. You can never complain about more football, but it does add to the need to gamble. You take that as a good or bad... I am just taking it as an excuse to have YL make us more money.... Continue Reading →

A-Dawg Top 5 OTW 12/8

Nothing is better than seeing a Cinderella story. That’s right the David vs Goliaths, the 16 seed beating the 1 seed, doesn't matter what sports reference I refer to. We all love to see it. This week I will be breaking down the top 5 upsets of all time.  #5 Italy vs Germany 2006 World... Continue Reading →

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