Champions League 2/26

Alright people our last of the first legs are finally here we have the best matchup of the competition and honestly probably the worst today. I still think both games will be excellent. Barcelona ruined my good streak, and Bayern Munich made me look like a genius. That’s in the past though we are talking about today! Lets get into it.


First matchup we got is Real Madrid hosting Manchester City the tournament favorites. Now I am not exactly sure what Vegas was thinking making City the favorites for the entire competition especially with the shit show going on at their club currently, but they will be fully tested in Madrid.

Manchester City comes in with the best coach in the world, KDB who is on a tear this season, Aguero in his usual form fighting for the golden boot, Mahrez back in form, Laporte back from injury, Kyle Walker in stellar form, and Pep’s bits and pieces across the rest of the field. I think defensively is the biggest liability that City have with no solidified left back, and an old CDM hopping at center back. That being said their midfield and attack are no joke one of the highest scoring teams for the past 3 years.


On the other side we see a Madrid team that has lost a couple key players through injury, but they depth and youth in the side still make them a threat. With the lowest amount of goals allowed in Europe currently (17) we are going to get a real offensive vs defensive battle. The midfield battle was always going to shake up everything, now we can’t make any massive guesses at who will start since Pep and Zidane are both known to flip scripts when it comes to lineups. Regardless who goes in you are seeing absolute class in the middle.


I am hoping to see KDB go against Kroos, Modric against Silva, Valverde against Rodri, Casemiro against everyone (Hack). Either way you slice it this game is going to be electric and I am going to be sick until kick off. That being said I am going with Madrid. Madrid in the Bernabeu  are a hard team to beat and just score on in general, I think they match up better with City than anyone else City has played, and of course history tells us Madrid have never lost to City.


Real Madrid ML +200


Next we have Juventus heading over to France to take on Lyon. I know you just saw me go a little bit more in depth with the Madrid-City game well that just is not going to be the case here I am going to keep it nice and simple. 1. Juventus is the better team. 2. Cristiano Ronaldo is on the team. Is that simple enough for you? The same thing that happened last year not a ton of goals for Ronni in the group stages oh look a hattrick against Atletico. I mean I feel like I am in a loop here, everyone things Juventus can’t really do it, they have a terrible performance, Ronni saves them.


Lyon are not even a bad side it is just a matter of finding their identity right now. They have a ton of youth players, they also sold a couple key guys, as well as Memphis Depay is hurt. Not to mention their captain got racially abused by their own fans so who knows if home field advantage is even a thing. This game is going to be as ugly as Juventus want it to be. We know Sarri is a little bit suspect attacking wise and tactically for his squad but come on its Lyon. I got Juve.


Juventus ML +105

Both Teams to Score and Juventus Wins +420

Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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