Champion’s League Power Rankings

Champions League Power Rankings

With Young Leg.

Alright people these are for all my UCL lovers out there if you have a problem with the rankings suck it up these were non bias you can tell from the first two teams I picked which hurt my very deeply to choose, and if you dont like it chat some shit with me on twitter @shopaaj just know I am always right and you are probably wrong.


So here we go starting with number 1.

  1. Liverpool


After an impressive win against PSG and all the money in the world that comes with Paris Jurgen Klopp and his men see their perfect season continued. 7 for 7 and the front three of Firmino, Salah, and Mane are still dominating. I think the schedule for Liverpool coming up could make this perfect start get a bit tougher but for now Liverpool is in the top spot. After adding depth in multiple positions to help the longevity of their winning form, Liverpool also brought in some major talent over the summer to ensure their return to Champions League will be strong.

  1. Barcelona


Barcelona is still doing Barcelona things as they dominate PSV 4-0 in the opening round and a hat trick from none other than Lionel Messi. Yeah weird Messi scored a hat trick… again. Barcelona added a ton of players in the offseason lots of youth players, experienced midfielders, and even a couple defenders to make a great team even more well rounded. But at the end of the day Leo Messi will be carrying whatever team he is playing on and keeping his teams in the conversation to take any title they go after. With an undefeated start to their Spanish conquest as well Barcelona is an easy pick to make a run in the competition.

  1. Juventus


Now this may come as a shock to you but I will never understand why. With the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo over the summer from Real Madrid Juventus immediately made themselves a favorite to win the entire tournament, but that’s what happens when you add the all time champions league goal scorer to your squad. With the combination of ridiculous talent, experience, and great tactics Juventus are my favorites to win the entire thing. Adding Bonucci, Cancelo, and Perrin to an already ridiculously strong Juventus backline seems to only cement my statement of Juventus being a favorite. This team is stacked from back to front and if not for a astonishing red card on Ronaldo (That I still think was Bullsh*t) we would see Juventus domination start very early. Funny thing is they played a man down, no Ronaldo…and still beat Valencia 2-0. Juventus another team with a perfect start to protecting their Serie A crown.

  1. Real Madrid


After losing Cristiano and Zidane you might think their will be a drop off at Madrid they can’t compete BLAH BLAH BLAH. Spoiler alert…Real Madrid are still really good. With Gareth Bale staying healthy and continuing his ridiculous form from the end of last year, and Benzema finally finding his shooting boots Real Madrid are still a favorite to make it a fourth consecutive title. They also remain undefeated in their league as Barca is above them only because of goal differential. The midfield of Kroos, Modric, and Casemiro is still dominating, and Ramos and his men in the back continue to show why Madrid is back to protect their European title. With flashes from Asensio, Ceballos, Isco, and Mariano you never know who is going to be coming at you from the creativity of Madrid and Lopetegui’s new system. Spanish football is back and Lopetegui is hoping to make his first year with Madrid a memorable one. Opening up with a 3-0 win over Roma is a great way to do it.

  1. Bayern Munich


What all the fans wanted to do seeing Neuer return to the UCL^

Every year people try to say, “Can Bayern do it again?” “Are they too old?” Well here is my opinion…. F*ck no! Bayern Munich is a powerhouse they dominate their country so consistently that the only other title they drool over is the champion’s league. They say their players are getting up in age but, I don’t really count that as an excuse until I see it on the pitch because these lads at Bayern are cruising like it’s mid season. A perfect start to their season, a dominant win over Benefica, and Robert Lewandowski among all the rumors of him being unhappy is still balling. Injuries seem to be the only thing that can hold this Bayern team back, but if everyone remains healthy don’t be surprised to see these guys at the end of the competition. Bayern has been hungry for a champion’s league since defeating rivals Dortmund in the last UCL final they were a part of.


6.Manchester City


8.Inter Milan

9.Manchester United

  1. Lyon


After an embarrassing defeat in Manchester city has dropped down even with their undefeated start to the season to lose a match like that at home is very alarming to city fans, who hope under Pep to see Champion’s league glory.


PSG went into Anfield and put up a fight, but after spending all this money, and seeing the success of Neymar and Mbappe you have to expect more from the French side, I think they will still win out and battle Liverpool for the top of the group, but it will not be an easy ride.


Inter Milan jumping through the ranks due to an absolute sublime volley from Icardi, and some gritty late winners to get a result over Tottenham in Italy. After a slow start in the league I think this win will carry them to some better form into the season.


United went and took care of business against a side that is not as good as them, they went and did what was expected. It was a great performance from their main man Paul Pogba amidst the rumors of his exit he still manages to shine and take this team to the finish line.


Lyon has always been a team with a lot of talent on the roster. They get brushed under the radar due to the competition level in France and the fact that PSG buy EVERYONE. This year is different they are looking to make a name for themselves and after keeping Fekir the world cup winner the front three of Lyon looks tough and they proved they could compete after dismantling Manchester City at home.


Love it or leave it people these are the power rankings so far for Champion’s League until someone proves me wrong excited for the next matches would be an understatement.

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