Champions League Preview 2/25

Alright people, the Champions League is BACK. We have some powerhouse matches this week but for right now we are just going over the Tuesday matches. YL coming off a double winner last Wednesday we will see if he can keep the streak going. ITS THE CHAMPIONS!


First up we got Bayern Munich visiting London to take on Chelsea. This is a rematch of the 2012 UCL Final that I am sure Bayern has not forgotten about. Bayern was robbed by Drogba and Torres in the final and I expect to see them take their revenge. Bayern are currently sitting at the top of the table and seem to be the team inform.


Chelsea are coming off a big win against Spurs but are having one of their worst seasons when trying to win at home. They have lost to Bournemouth, West Ham, and Manchester United at home this season (there is even more) so I feel as though the bavarians coming in and taking care of business shouldn’t be too much to ask. Willy Caballero will be the starting goal keeper for this game and Lewandowski will be on the field so expect a whole lotta goals. I think the mixture of Bayern being Bayern and Chelsea still needing to gain experience in coaching/players this game could possibly get ugly.

The thing is that people probably said this when the two last met in the UCL final. We all hailed Bayern as German football seemed like it was about to dominate the world and we saw Chelsea get through that as well. This is still going to be a great match but I got Bayern.


Bayern Munich -1 (+230) 

Over 3.5 Goals

Yeah I am even taking overs now people I am feeling good this week.


Next one we got is Barcelona traveling over to Italy and taking on Gattusso’s Napoli. Now this game seems pretty cut and dry too doesn’t it? Well that’s because if you want to look at it from the outside it probably is. Barcelona is the much stronger side, they haven’t in past years been great away from home in the UCL (specially in Italy), but they still have one trump card…. Lionel Messi.


Messi is coming off a huge win over the weekend where he scored 4 goals. This is also after Messi had just said Barcelona weren’t good enough to win the UCL. I think what he meant by that was his team wasn’t good enough but he is. Napoli also got a little bit of form going after losing to Lecce they have now won 3 in a row including a match against Inter Milan. We are also seeing the Italian clubs facing a potential corona virus outbreak. Now here are my issues with that… 1. why is this game not behind close doors when you have a team from another country coming in to play. 2. Why have we not learned from any disease or plague from before? 3. I am just mad because clasico is this weekend so if Barcelona gets sick, Madrid will also get sick.


The biggest key to this match though is the fact that Koulibaly the captain and best player for Napoli is unavailable. Not only was it a long shot that they were going to hold Barcelona, but now they have to do it with back up defenders and no Koulibaly. I want to see the light for Napoli, BUT I got Barcelona in this one.

Barcelona +120

Both Teams to Score Barca get Result +330


Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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