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In the midst of all this COVID-19 we are looking forward here at TwoFootTalk. We are looking at what teams are bringing us in the future, who are they bringing us in the future? Which brings me to my point the future of Chelsea FC. Where are we heading signing wise? Our youth has proven to be able to play with the best, and they can only get better…. so where are we looking to fill?


That’s where your boy comes in…



Right now the blues need one thing…. A REAL CENTER BACK. I know we have some top talent in that spot, but we have absolutely no leadership. Azpilicueta for all the great years he’s had with us he is just too old. His age has been showing, and Reece James has been doing his thing. I also think that a proper goalkeeper would be nice. I will admit the blues panic bought Kepa and I already regret it. Locking down another midfielder and offloading some of our guys would be ideal as well. I think going forward is where we look our strongest with Tammy Abraham, Odoi, Pulisic, and Ziyech on his way…. WOOO BOY! So like I said defensively is what we need to really focus on.


Attacking Options

Now… you heard me say we should probably focus on defense, but I will flirt with these names all day.

  1. Jadon Sancho –  (Dortmund) Now if you would have an issue for Chelsea to get Sancho you are just foolish. He is English he wants to come home, just out of pure greediness would you not want him so nobody else could have him? If he goes to United we will have to deal with him. I would add him to our attacking options immediately ,no doubt he walks into Europe and puts up 10 and 10. Anyone would be lucky to have him.


2. Timo Werner – (Leipzig) Another one that is ready to move on to bigger and better things. Not to say his club isn’t already playing at a high level, its just…. this is the Prem. Timo Werner also linked to Liverpool would add options upfront or down the wing, I would run a 3-5-2 and run teams into the dirt with Werner and Tammy. An out and out goalscorer leading the attack, surrounded by creative players… Why wouldn’t I flirt with this?


3. Coutinho – (Barcelona) Coutinho is one of the players in the Barcelona fire sale. Barcelona seem to be in trouble and have announce only 3 players are safe in Catalonia this summer. If we can get a deal for Coutinho that would be the deal of the summer for us. Just imagine Coutinho instead of Ross Barkley, and training Mason Mount. I have goose bumps. If his price drops below 75 million, SNAP HIM UP.


Defensive Options

  1. Andre Onana – (Ajax) Ahhhh yes a new goalkeeping option, and not only that an affordable one. Onana has even more experience than Kepa did when we dropped 70 fu*king million on him. The asking price for Onana is a measly 35 million for a 24 year old keeper, trained by La Masia, AND Ajax. He has Champions League experience, he is a title winner, and an exceptional talent. He is lightning quick and has great hands, under Frank Lampard he would thrive.


2. Achraf Hakimi – (Real Madrid) Currently on loan at Dortmund, the Moroccan defender is one of the hottest up and coming defensive talents. With his future unsure at Madrid we should cash in on that immediately. He can play left or right back, he is an elite athlete, and he can run in the middle if you really want. Get a good deal for him, sign him long term.


3. Declan Rice – (West Ham) Another player that it is obvious he needs to move onto a bigger, better club. Do you want to be with the kings of London or the peasants? With Kante’s exit looming adding young,talented midfield options is important. We see all the top teams recruiting even younger than ever before. Getting a player like Rice who already has Premier League experience is a win for both sides. Chelsea can offer European football and help develop his game to the next level under Lampard.


4. Samuel Umtiti – (Barcelona) Like I said fire sale at Barcelona! If we can get a cut rate deal for a World Cup winner why not. Yes I know he has his injury woes, but he is only 26 years old. If we can get him for under 30 million that is an easy yes from me. Perfect example of a leader from the back, he has played and won at the top level. I think he would be excellent to get Tomori, Guehi, and Christensen to their best. Bring me the French man.


Possible Departures

  1. Willian – No one can seem to agree on a deal, so that means we aren’t going to get any money for him and we are losing a hell of a player. Willian gave so much for this Chelsea team and never got the true credit he deserves. I assume a team like Bayern Munich, Juventus, or insert any team who wants a disgusting option on the wing. Willian is so versatile, and always has a smile on his face. Sad to see him go for nothing.


2. Ross Barkley – I mean what is there to really say about Barkley… there was a few very bright moments. Then also a ton of sh*t moments, like 80% sh*t. This man tried to revive his career after a rough season… didn’t go well. I would love to sell him give some other midfielders an opportunity and hopefully cash in. I would expect around 30-40 for Barkley.


3. Emerson – The Italian 25 year old has been begging for an opportunity for the Blues. Every time we think he is our guy he would get hurt giving the job to Alonso. Now we are at the point that we are looking to replace him with Ben Chillwell or Hakimi. Love him think he will do great things if he stays healthy. I expect around 45 for Emerson.


4. Kurt Zouma – Honestly I am between him and Rudiger hell I could see both of them going. Neither of them have put together a full season where I felt I was happy we purchased them. They have their moments, sometimes score some big goals, but also are just absolutely clueless at times. I think they have had plenty opportunity to show their worth to the club, and haven’t done all they could. So, yeah sell Rudiger too. I would expect 50 for each.


5. Ngolo Kante – Another name that almost brings me to tears to see him on the list. He has to be on his way out after what was probably his worst EPL season yet filled with injury. I will never forget how great of a player he is or what he did, but his time at Chelsea seems to be up. Under Lampard I don’t think we will get the best out of Kante, and with big clubs after his signature we could cash in. I expect around 100 for Kante with PSG and Madrid rumored to be after his signature.


These are my terms, I stand by them, I only wish for the blues to rise up and continue dominance over London. Stay healthy, Stay blue.

Written by: Johnny Walker


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