CHIT Picks 10/22

CHIT picks are back! Yes this is the second week in a row that CHIT picks is coming in blog form, truly a miracle. The games last week went as expected with a few twists and turns, and to everyone’s shock Everton is still undefeated…eat Chit Liverpool. VAR certainly had an impact on many of the games last week and you can be sure that we will not see the last of VAR having a massive impact on the outcome of games. Let’s get right into this Chit.


Aston Villa v. Leeds United: AVFC +130, Draw +250, LEE +200

History: In the last two meetings between the sides, back in the Championship, Leeds walked a way with a victory and a draw. It was Villa who had the last laugh though as they were promoted before Leeds. Two teams who have been playing well but one of these teams has been punching significantly above their weight, Aston Villa. Villa, in consecutive matches, have beaten Liverpool and Leicester, two clubs who tend to score a lot of goals. I should also mention that Villa are sitting 2nd in the current table, one of two undefeated teams left in the Prem this season, the other being Everton. Which begs the question: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

Players to Watch: Leeds are winless in their last two matchups and need to find a way back to their scoring ways after last weeks’ 1-0 defeat at the hand of Wolves. Look for the front four of Leeds to come out firing. Aston Villa, all Leeds fans should be worried about is Jack Graelish, the man is really coming into his own and staying at Villa might have been a good decision for him the way the club is coming together even though it is early in the season.

YL’s Pick: Leeds ML, Bamford to Score, Bamford Over 1 SOG

Manchester United v. Chelsea: MAN +145, Draw +260, CHE +175

History: United have a game in hand and have won three of the last four matchups. Chelsea, however, were victorious the last time out, a 3-1 victory in the FA Cup. Both teams have struggled coming out the gate, only two wins for both clubs with Chelsea holding a slight advantage thanks to an extra game and only having lost one match and playing to a draw in two others. Frank Lampard, we all know now that he has an English bias thanks to Jesse Marsch’s comments earlier in the week, and I think that Frankie may be on the chopping block soon if he does not turn this club around, especially after spending the amount of money they did. Ole is also on the chopping block because United have been consistently under-performing since he was named the full-time manager and the club is turning away from Pogba, he should be gone soon, if not in January then certainly by the end of the season.

Players to Watch: Havertz and Werner have looked the part, especially with Werner getting his goal tally started this last match. Pulisic should start having more of an impact on games, especially since Marsch put Frankie in a blender. United should look for Fernandes to have a much bigger impact on the game especially without the presence of Pogba.

YL’s Pick: United ML, over 2.5 goals, Martial over 1.5 SOG

Serie A:

AC Milan v. Roma: ACM +120, Draw +260, ROM +210

History: Is Milan for real? 4 games, 4 victories. I sure hope that Milan is on their way back to the top of Italian football, not just for the fact they are one of the most successful Champions League sides, but also to compete against Juventus for the Serie A title. It has been awhile since Juventus has had a serious challenger. The two sides split their matchups last season, but Roma have not looked good off the jump and are facing significant injury problems it seems. Milan have pretty much just rolled through their games on the back of Zlatan. Pioli really has his side looking like a genuine title contender, at least early on in the season. Will Zlatan be able to maintain his fitness? For a 39 year old he certainly does not look like he has slowed down, and he still knows how to find the back of the net.

Players to Watch: Roma is going to have to rely on the experience of Pedro in front of goal and, if we are honest, he is hit or miss at times. Roma has been completely decimated by injuries, none more important than Zaniolo. Milan there is just one person to watch, Zlatan. I left him out of players to watch last week and boy was that a mistake, the King does not stop scoring goals, he even called out Ronaldo to be this effective at 39 years old. I mean, only Zlatan could do that.

YL’s Pick: Milan ML, Zlatan to Score

La Liga:

Getafe v. Granada: GET -115, Draw +200, GRA +430

History: The two sides split their matchups last season and are currently sitting in 4th (Getafe) and 6th (Granada) separated on goal differential. I know this is one of Young Legs favorite matchups, mainly because he despises Granada who always manages to screw him in terms of betting. I thought the odds would be a little better for Granada if we are being honest, for two teams separated by goal difference I would expect the odds to be a little closer.

YL’s Pick: Getafe ML, Mata to Score

Barcelona v. Real Madrid: BAR +115, Draw +270, RMA +220

History: Arguably, no not arguably, it is a fact. The BEST DERBY IN THE WORLD, El Clasico. Two cities that absolutely hate each other, two teams that absolutely hate each other, two captains that absolutely hate each other. I love it. This is going to be a hate-filled matchup and the history in this game does not matter, it is one of those derby matchups that you do not need to know the history for. This game is something you just feel, you feel it deep down in your soul. There is no bigger game in football except for a World Cup final. An aging Lionel Messi and an ageless Sergio Ramos battling it out on the grandest stage, the only thing that would be better is a Champions League El Clasico. I honestly have goosebumps right now, Football is back, once this derby happens, Football is back. 

Players to Watch: Young Leg will certainly dive into this more on the podcast but from a Barcelona perspective you should want to see Ansu Fati out there playing with Messi. Fati has the pace, but does he have the stamina to keep up in this matchup. Madrid, leading from the back, from the front, Sergio Ramos. The man just wants to win and he will win at all costs and if I don’t want a defender like that in my team put me in a doggone insane asylum. 

YL’s Pick: Madrid ML

Champions League: 

Yes, I am going to bring to you some Champions League matchups to pick from this week. I will spare you the players to watch and just get into the history of the matchups between the clubs involved. This is a big week for CHIT picks, we are getting three extra matches on the scorecards, let us see how this plays out.

Atletico Madrid v. RB Salzburg: 

History: These two teams have not met in the past 15 years but Diego Simeone vs. Jesse Marsch will be a matchup to watch. Marsch’s side is unbeaten to start the season and are looking extremely dominant in the Austrian League. Simeone’s side has looked subpar at the start of the La Liga season but also seem to perform in the Champions League. I look at this game as a test for Marsch, a test of his ability to lead a squad in a do-or-die environment, the same environment that would emulate a World Cup group stage. Jesse Marsch, future United States Men’s National Team Coach. 

YL’s Pick: Atletico ML

Juventus v. Barcelona: JUV +145, Draw +250, BAR +175

History: Juventus have not beaten Barcelona since the Quarterfinals of the 2017 Champions League campaign. The giants of Serie A against the unliked little brother of Real Madrid. Yes I am completely biased and will be rooting for Juventus during this game. Juventus have struggled out of the jump and are looking to find their footing in Serie A, and nothing helps a team to do that than playing in what will be a highly anticipated Group Stage matchup. Barcelona are going into this game after playing in El Clasico so fitness may be an issue for the Catalans. Juventus should be able to pounce all over Barcelona if Pirlo manages to get his head out of his ass for once. 

YL’s Pick: Juventus ML, Ronaldo to Score

Manchester United v. RB Leipzig: MAN +115, Draw +230, RBL +250

History: Two teams who have never played each other, one team doing significantly well to start off the season and another team who is floundering. Leipzig, since the infusion of all of that Red Bull money, have been an extremely tough team to deal with domestically. The question is can they become a team to fear in the Champions League? I think they should. They have a quality manager and a good core of players to choose from. Forsberg and Poulson are extremely tough to deal with together and Poulson is coming into his own as a striker. United are just absolutely abysmal and you can count of mistakes happening in the back, hopefully De Gea has figured it out since his blunder in international play.

YL’s Pick: Leipzig ML, over 2.5 goals

Written by: Tyler Bond aka Charlie Tweeder (@tybond16)

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