CHIT Picks 11/26

The biggest piece of Chit this side of the Mississippi is back at again folks. Boy do we have a  full slate of games for you this weekend to bet on. I am going big, a whopping six games for CHIT picks this week and only two of them are English Premier League games. For those of you who say I write with complete bias…you are right and I couldn’t care less. It feels good to be back writing on a weekly basis providing all you degenerates out there with some insight to a table of games for you to hopefully win some money on. As always each game will be wrapped up with the Gaffer’s pick, Young Leg. I don’t know if you have heard but the man is damn good at gambling footy and you gonna learn today.


Chelsea v. Tottenham:  CHE +105 TOT +260

History: Tottenham has not beaten Chelsea since January 2019 a full year of losses to their cross London rivals. However, Tottenham seem to have the key this year…Jose Mourinho. I have said it before and I will say it again that this man, like him or not, can push mediocre teams to great heights and he seems to be doing it again. Tottenham are certainly punching above their weight but they seem to be playing exactly into Mourinho’s style and it is certainly paying off for them. Chelsea is also performing well this year and sitting only two points behind the Spurs in the table. Lampard seems to be pushing the right buttons of late and he finally addressed the fact that Mount is his son. Shocker, he lied. Both teams are in great form heading into this game with Chelsea having won their last five and the Spurs having won their last four, including a huge victory of Manchester City.

Players to Watch: Mason Mount. Since he was so talked about during the midweek press conferences I would not be surprised to see him have a massive impact on the game and prove to his dad that he is a great player. Chelsea fans should also look to see if Werner bounces back after that terrible miss midweek. Tottenham fans should have all of their eyes on Son and Kane, because as Son and Kane go Tottenham go. Those two are really lighting it up and the defense has looked solid thanks to Mourinho’s park the bus strategy which, in my opinion, benefits Son the most as he is one of the most dynamic attackers in England.

YL’s Pick: Chelsea Moneyline, Mount to Score

West Ham v. Aston Villa: WHU +130 AVFC +200

History: Two historic clubs go at it once more in what you would assume to be a grind it out type of match. The two sides are currently separated by a point but Villa have a game in hand, but both teams have been playing extremely well to start the season and we are almost at boxing day, the unofficial midway point of the Premier League. Aston Villa have not beaten West Ham since the 2013 season, seven long years ago, and West Ham have dominated their matches from that point with only a couple of draws mixed in. As I said you should expect a grind it out low scoring type of match any time these two sides play. West Ham have won their last two matches and are trending in the right direction whereas Villa have split their last two but one of them was a complete dismantling of Arsenal so they should be looking to return to that level against West Ham.

Players to Watch: The beauty about West Ham is that one man can have a day that leads the club to victory, but more often than not that man is Antonio who is an absolute force on the pitch. Hammer fans should also look for Haller to make an impact, a big name signing who has not quite lived up to the promise thus far but he appears to be finding his footing on English soil. Villa fans as always the man to watch is their fearless leader, Graelish. The man is an absolute rockstar on and off the pitch and he is the heart and soul of the Birmingham side. 

YL’s Pick: Villa Moneyline, Grealish Goal, Grealish over 2 shots


Real Sociedad v. Villarreal: RSO +125 VIL +200

History: Sociedad sits atop of the table four points clear of Villarreal and seem to be clicking on all cylinders. The giants of La Liga are having a terrible start to the season but that ship will be righted soon and then the questions will come; Can Sociedad hold on? I fear they will not be able to but they have put in some great performances to start the year and they should look to keep the ball rolling against Villarreal. Villarreal are also off to a strong start as they have a good mix of youngsters and veterans to pull from. The two sides split results last season and the games were tight, expect nothing less this time around as both teams are in excellent form with both sides winning four of their last five matches.

Players to Watch: Villarreal fans should look to Alcacer who is a streaky goal scorer and he seems to be hot right now so Sociedad fans should definitely be wary of that. Sociedad always seems to get a penalty so it might be a good idea to look for Oyarzabal to score…again.

YL’s Pick: Sociedad Moneyline

Barcelona v. Osasuna: BAR -390 OSA +800

History: I know what you are thinking; why the hell is this game on here? Because Barcelona is currently tied on points with Osasuna that’s why. Two teams trending in entirely opposite directions with Osasuna winless in their last three and Barcelona having won three out of their last four. However, La Liga and Barcelona are not stepping to the beat of the same drum that has occurred in La Liga for the last decade and the piper may finally be coming for Barcelona. Osasuna, yes significant underdogs, have a chance to put a nail in the coffin of Barcelona and Messi’s time there. It is not unheard of for Osasuna to beat Barca, in fact they beat them the last time out in July after the La Liga restart. Barcelona fans should be worried.

Players to Watch: Is Messi a problem? This game should answer the question. Messi should have his way with the Osasuna side and should be able to provide scoring opportunities for some of his teammates, hopefully some young Americans by the name of de la Fuente and Dest. All eyes on Messi and the Americans. 

YL’s Pick: Osasuna Moneyline


Sassuolo v. Inter Milan:  SAS +340 INT -135

History: Some major disrespect tossed in Sassuolo’s direction by Vegas right now because they are only sitting two points behind AC Milan and three points ahead of Inter. Sassuolo is a grind it out type of squad and they have won their games doing just that against opponents. Inter have started to slide downhill as of late winning only one of their last five games, whereas Sassuolo has won three out of their last five and has not suffered a loss in that span either. Is Sassuolo a dark horse title contender in Serie A? We will find out this weekend. The last two meetings between these clubs has netted THIRTEEN goals so you should expect more of the same. 

Players to Watch: Inter’s Premier League core seems to be crumbling and I am not surprised given their track records for getting extremely hot then extremely cold…it was only a matter of time. Sassuolo is a squad full of players you may have never heard of and that is what makes them dangerous, they are a team of underdogs and underdogs are dangerous to big name clubs.

YL’s Pick: Sassuolo Win/Draw, Over 3.5 goals

Napoli v. Roma: NAP +110 ROM +230

History: Roma coming from out of nowhere winning four of their last five games and Napoli falling apart at the seams. Gattuso is poised to walk away from the job based on the effort his team is putting forth in games recently. Roma, on the other hand, are a team of grizzled veterans who keep finding ways to win and it is truly something to watch. Everyone’s misfits who ended up at Roma are now thriving and you can bet some of those clubs are looking at those players and asking themselves; where the hell did we go wrong? The teams split their matchups last season both ending 2-1.

Players to Watch: Henrik Mhkitaryhn has been absolute dynamite for Roma this season, Pedro as well, but the man leading from the front most often is Dzeko. These guys at Roma right now are playing great football and if they do they will certainly be there knocking on the doorstep all the way up until the end of the season. Napoli needs to figure it the hell out right now. You cannot have that much talent and that little mental fortitude to actually compete. Lozano played absolutely dreadful last week but look for him to bounce back this week if he gets to see the field.

YL’s Pick: Napoli Moneyline

Written by: Tyler Bond aka Charlie Tweeder (@tybond16)

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