CHIT Picks 12/3


West Ham United v. Manchester United: WHU +270 <——-> MUN -105

History: West Ham are in top form right now coming off three Premier League victories  in a row. David Moyes is clearly showing that his a very capable manager of the much maligned East London club and this week he hopes to get his revenge against Manchester. United have also won three straight games in the Premier League and Ole has appeared to save his job for now. It is typically at this moment that United suffer a terrible string of defeats against clubs they should beat. West Ham, shockingly are sitting a point ahead of United right now and are currently hold a Europa League spot, is this West Ham team for real? 

Players to Watch: Sebastien Haller seems to be finding his stride in East London and that is bad news for the rest of the Premier League. West Ham also have to be happy with the play of Yarlomenko who always seem to find himself in the right place at the right time. United should look for Bruno Fernandes to maintain scoring and hope that the backline does not have complete laugher.

YL’s Pick: West Ham Moneyline

Tottenham v. Arsenal: TOT -105 <——-> ARS +280

History: A rivalry as old as time, Spurs versus Gunners, the North London Derby. One of the biggest derby’s in the sport (I’m biased) and we get to watch it unfold once again, or rather, watch Tottenham kick the shit out of Arsenal. The Gunners have only won one of their last four and have failed to win a Premier League game their last  three times out. The Arsenal appear to be unraveling at the seams this moment while their biggest rivals are putting together a great season. Jose Mourinho is doing Mourinho things right now and this may be the year that every Mourinho fan longs to see, the year of victory….who cares that the years of defeat follow soon after? The Spurs have won two of their last three Premier League matchups, a scoreless draw against Chelsea and a victory of City. Mourinho has them in fine form right now; Arsenal should be extremely worried.

Players to Watch: Who the hell is actually going to show up for Arsenal at this point? Good money would be on Aubemeyang so that is who Arsenal fans should expect to have a day. For Spurs, as always watch for the likes of Kane and Son who should absolutely terrorize the Gunner back line. 

YL’s Pick: Arsenal Moneyline, Aubemeyang to Score


Sevilla v. Real Madrid: SEV +165 <——> RMA +155

History: Madrid have not won in their last three matchups and they have to travel to Sevilla. Madrid always struggles at Sevilla and the way they are playing right now this may be the last thing that they want. The good news is that Ramos may be back in action this weekend and that will make the difference for Madrid. Madrid still sit ahead of Sevilla by one point but Sevilla have a game in hand. Sevilla are trending in the right direction having won their last three matchups leading into this contest where they always seem to give Madrid a handful. This game could be one of the biggest this year as it may lead to a managerial change for Madrid if it goes south. Zidane and Madrid will certainly have their work cut out for them. Lope has the team going in the right direction but will he be able to rub it in Madrid’s faces?

Players to Watch: Madrid have a ton of talent at a premium cost and that talent needs to start playing their worth. Benzema may be back in the lineup this week as well as Ramos and those two horses need to have a huge game. Sevilla have a talented roster but not really any big name guys, more-like big names guys who are past their prime. These old statesmen are the key to success for Sevilla right now so you should expect Navas and Rakatic to have a big game.

YL’s Pick: Real Madrid Moneyline, Benzema to Score


Roma v. Sassuolo: ROM -145 <——-> SAS +340

History: Roma’s win streak came to a crashing halt against Napoli last week and I was dead wrong, it happens. Roma are the favorites to win against Sassuolo who have only won two of their last five, but they have only suffered one defeat in that time frame. Both teams were trending in the right direction coming into last week but both suffered losses in league play that leads this game to be a bounce back. Roma are an aging team and I do no think they have the fortitude to come back from their devastating loss to Napoli whereas Sassuolo has proved their resilience time and time again both this year and last year to become a team to fear in Italy.

Players to Watch: The Old Guys from Roma. If Roma have a chance the old guys have to play well. For Sassuolo you should be on the lookout for the young Italian, Raspadori, who has appeared in four matches this season and has had an impact on the way the team plays but has yet to find the score sheet.

YL’s Pick: Sassuolo Moneyline

Juventus v . Torino: JUV -240 <——-> TOR +600

History: The Turin Derby, one of the biggest derby’s in Italy is a real David versus Goliath matchup. Juventus are unbeaten this season and still are having a difficult time getting respect as they are having trouble winning games. Torino on the other hand has not beaten Juventus in the last five years and it does not look like they will beat them anytime soon. Apart from the last time these two sides played the games have been relatively close battles thanks to some truly great defending, as is the way in Serie A. Torino, normally a mid table side, are currently sitting in the relegation zone and are off to a terrible start. I find it hard to believe that they will right the ship against Juventus but it is 2020 and stranger things have happened.

Players to Watch: Juventus stacked roster leaves it difficult to focus on one player but that player has to be Ronaldo. The ageless wonder is back at it again scoring goals and once he starts he rarely seems to stop. Torino need to have a big game from their back line but an even bigger game from their striker, Belotti, who somehow managed to not get to better team.

YL’s Pick: Juventus Moneyline, Ronaldo to Score, Juventus over 13 shots, Over 10 corners


Hertha Berlin v. Union Berlin: HER +135 <——-> UNI +200

History: The Berlin Derby, two teams who do not have a lot of recognition outside of Germamy and a contest that typically ends up the two teams splitting the head-to-head on the season. Hertha absolutely dominated Union the last time out with a 4-0 thrashing of their neighbors. This will be only the third time the teams have matched up to play this derby in the Bundesliga, last year was the first time in the Bundesliga as well as the first time in forty years the Berlin derby was played in the top flight of German football. We hope to see these two sides have this derby match consistently in the Bundesliga but Hertha are off to a rough start this seasons whilst their rivals are flourishing, can their fates be changed?

YL’s Pick: Union Berlin Moneyline

Bayern Munich v. RB Leipzig: BAY -200 <——–> RBL +460

History: Old Money versus New Money, we have got a regular old Gatsby matchup in the Bundesliga this week. Bayern are on a tear right now, pretty much dominating everything in their path and they look as sharp as ever. Leipzig are still the up and comers in my opinion and they need to continue to produce quality youngsters in order to maintain their status as one of the Bundesliga elites. This matchup is significant because if Bayern win the race for the Bundesliga title is over, not statistically over, but over nonetheless. If Leipzig win then they could stall The Machines progress for a time but in the end the Bundesliga champions will once again be Bayern Munich. 

Players to Watch: Douglas Costa is back at Bayern and that means he is back to his best football. Douglas Costa popped off in his last outing and Bayern fans can expect to see that again but do not count out the chance for  a Lewandowski goal. Leipzig have enjoyed some fine play from Poulsen and Nkunku but all things flow through Forsberg, the Swedish playmaker, if the other two want to have a big game then Forsberg needs to as well. 

YL’s Pick: Leipzig +1

Written by: Tyler Bond aka Charlie Tweeder (@tybond16)

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