CHIT Picks 6/18/20

We are back with another week of CHIT picks: The place where you can bet a single game or roll all five games into a parlay and make a good chunk of coins. That is only if you win. 


First up we have a double dose of Premier League Matches with the Merseyside Derby coming up as well as a giant game between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United. The Premier League is officially back folks, as I am writing this I hope Arsenal pulls off the stunner and beats Man City, fingers crossed.(YL Laughing from the editing room) We also have some Serie A action to look into as the Italian league will be back up and running. Finally we have the greatest league on the planet, it’s not even close, La Liga, action with two really exciting matches that I know YL is looking forward to.




Everton v. Liverpool: EVE +450, Draw +320, LIV -165


History: Everton has not beaten Liverpool in a Premier League match since the 2010 season. While they have managed to sprinkle a couple of draws during those matches, Liverpool has been absolutely dominant. The stadiums are less than a mile apart but fans will not be a factor in this game and it may prove detrimental to Liverpool as they really feed off of their supporters. Everton on the other hand may do well without the support as they have been dreadful for the past couple of seasons, not only that, but Ancelotti may have finally had the time to set up this Everton team in a way where they could actually take down their neighbors.


Players to Watch: Obviously keep your eyes on Salah to see if he can continue his form from the past two seasons and remain dominant. In reality just watch for Liverpool’s front three, anywhere you go it is threatening and Everton should have their hands full. From Everton’s point of view keep an eye on Calvert-Lewin who has done well under Ancelotti and seems to be hitting his stride.


YL’s Pick: Everton Moneyline


Tottenham v. Man U: TOT +190, Draw +230, MAN +140


History: United have beaten Totthenham the last two times out with scores of 2-1. I would expect nothing less from United this time around, especially with Bruno being in training with United for a longer period of time. Tottenham is unpredictable especially under Jose Mourinho so this could be either a very good match for them or they get absolutely steam-rolled.


Players to Watch: From a United perspective all eyes should be on Bruno, but I think you should really look out for Rashford. The man has been in the papers recently as to what he has done off the pitch in a positive manner for children across the UK, and I expect this to be an uplift for him from a playing perspective. From Tottenham’s point of view watch out for Harry Kane as he is suggested to come back from his injury, and with Dele Alli out of the lineup everything must go through him. You should expect him to hit from the penalty spot, but not much more than that. Yes, I am biased against him. F*** Tottenham.

YL’s Pick: United Moneyline, Both teams to score




Atalanta v. Lazio: ATA +140, Draw +260, LAZ +180


History: If you are a fan of goals this is the game to watch. The last time these two sides met they played to a 3-3 draw. In fact pretty much anytime these two teams play you can expect goals. The game almost always ends in a draw, but that does not mean you should not pick a winner. It is more than a goalfest as these two teams are competing at the top of the table in Serie A, and more favorable spots in the Champions League are on the line. Expect nothing less than a thriller; lots of goals and a nail-biter until the end.


Players to Watch: There is only one man you need to keep an eye on this game, Ciro Immobile. The man is a stone cold killer in front of goal. Statistically speaking he is one of the top strikers in the world and he has not been given the praise that he deserves. What has happened recently is a suspected move towards the newest billion dollar owner club, Newcastle United, and you can be sure that he will continue there what he is doing in Rome.


YL’s Pick: Lazio Moneyline, Over 4.5 goals, Immobile to score




Real Madrid v. Valencia: RMD -280, Draw +420, VAL +700


History: I know what you are thinking “Real’s been dominant” not the case, in the last five matches Madrid has only won three of them with Valencia bringing home two. While the betting line looks like Madrid will win this game handily, do not be surprised if it is a lot tighter than suspected. YL is pissed about the betting line on this game due to the recent matches these clubs have played, but you can be sure that it will be one of the most exciting matches in Spain this week.


Players to Watch: Keep an eye on Hazard, he had an assist last week which led to YL ceasing all Hazard hate talk during the game. I would expect  Hazard to follow up this performance and live up to his price tag, because so far he has not. You should also keep an eye on Valencia’s Rodrigo. He is a product of the Real Madrid academy system and has been very good for Valencia over the past couple of seasons. You should expect him to make an impact against his former club, but do not expect him to celebrate.


YL’s Pick: Madrid Moneyline, Under 3.5 goals

Sevilla v. Barcelona: +300, Draw +260, BAR -115


History: Sevilla has been winless in the past three matches against Barcelona, so they are definitely due. I fully expect that Barcelona should find Sevilla an extremely tough task this time around, even though in those last three matches Barcelona have scored a combined 14 goals, including 4 the last two games and 6 in the third to last game. Once again fans are not a factor, and it seemed to have an effect last week as there was a pitch invader at Camp Nou, which is absolutely preposterous. 


Players to Watch: Messi, literally just watch him play, that is all. Sevilla on the other hand be sure to watch the play of Ocampos, he is a dynamic threat from the wing with boat loads of pace to spare. You can count on him to be a constant threat throughout the game and do not be surprised if he bags himself a goal or two.


YL’s Pick: Sevilla Moneyline, Ocampos to score

Written by: Tyler Bond aka Charlie Tweeder (@tybond16)

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