CHIT Picks 7/2

Welcome back to my weekly segment, if you listen to the podcast you will already know what the picks are this week, but let us go into a little more detail when it comes to these five games. I know what you are going to say, “but Tweeder one game has already been played! How the hell does that help me with my picks?” which is a great question. I have one response: F*** off. I have a life just like everybody else and I am over here trying to get my masters so just be patient. Hell you still have four games to bet on this week and for the fun of it you should put it in a parlay.




Man City v. Liverpool: MCI +100, Draw +290, LIV +230


History: Well Liverpool, after nearly three decades of waiting, are finally going to be crowned Premier League champions. I mean the last three years have consisted of these two teams competing at the top of the Premier League table far and above any other teams. This game is tough to pick because who knows if Liverpool are going to put out a full strength squad, and you damn sure know that Pep will do his best to beat Klopp this time around after losing in the first game this season. Honestly we should have full strength squads because we have been deprived of great football for almost three months, we are owed.


Players to Watch: Razza, Raheem Sterling is the man to watch today. Ever inconsistent but he always puts himself in a great position to score, and you cannot deny the pace the man has. He could literally run by you with ease if he felt like it. He has finally adapted to Pep’s playing style, especially during the past two years, and it has only made him a better player. Look for him to score a goal or two this game.


YL’s Pick: Man City Moneyline, Sterling to Score


Wolves v. Arsenal: WOL +115, Draw +240, ARS +230


History: First things first, Wolves have been absolutely dominant this year and it shows in the standings. Arsenal however have been absolutely terrible which makes it all the more reason to put your money on Arsenal this game, because I am biased. Before you decide to side with me you should know that Arsenal have not beaten Wolves since 2012, much of that time dealt with Wolves being in the Championship and not the Premier League. Still, it is hard to say Arsenal is going to win, I am just being hopeful. Also, Arsenal will probably shit the bed, so your safe money is with Wolves.


Players to Watch: Diogo Jota is the main to watch. He has been having a tremendous year and has also been linked with a move to Arsenal this summer. I think that is unlikely to happen, but he is a tremendous player and has a knack for getting himself into positions to either score or set up goals. Portugal has a good one for the future in Jota.


YL’s Pick: Wolves -1, Over




Villareal v. Barcelona: VIL +400, Draw +310, BAR -160


History: Barcelona have not lost in 19 CONSECUTIVE matches against Villareal. It sure seems like a lock to pick Barcelona, but these odds are absolute trash. I mean come on, Villareal on +400? That is completely ridiculous. One of the reasons for this may be the fact that Barcelona have not looked good or, the more likely reason, even the odds makers are biased towards Barcelona. Honestly, Villareal is due, and F*** Barca.


Players to Watch: Obviously watch the little magician Messi. I mean anytime you watch Barca just watch Messi, it is that easy. For Villareal I have a feeling that Alcacer will bag at least a goal this game, he is a prolific scorer and if you have not seen his highlights from Dortmund go do yourself a favor and look into it. He is an absolute terror, a complete poacher, and he does his job. He scores goals, and you should expect him to score against Barca, hopefully assisted by Cazorla.


YL’s Pick: Villareal Moneuyline




Atalanta v. Napoli: ATA +110, Draw +260, NAP +240


History: Napoli have been absolutely terrible this year. Is it due to the managers? Possibly, I mean they had Ancelotti to start the season and soon got rid of him and replaced him with Gattusso, which makes absolutely no sense. It is a completely lateral (more-like negative) move in my opinion. Atalanta on the other hand have been very good over the last two seasons and are looking to grab the final Champions League spot out of Serie A. Matches between these two sides have been back and forth and you should expect nothing less this time around as well.


Players to Watch: Dries Mertens. Will he stay or will he go? Look to see if he is in the starting lineup for Napoli. If he is not it makes it seem that he will not be back for next season. Mertens is getting up there in age and he should definitely try to get paid, but he cannot get paid if he is not performing at the highest level. If this season is any indicator, Mertens is starting to get over the hill.


YL’s Pick: Atalanta Moneyline, Muriel to score


Juventus v. Torino: JUV -350, Draw +430, TOR +900


History: You would expect that Juventus would dominate this particular game, but it has consistently been a low scoring affair, draws a majority of the time. This totally goes against the grain of what Juventus is about, domination. I think the fact that this is a derby match has a lot to do with how both teams approach this game. Juventus is expected to win, in fact they should win, but given the history of the matches it will not be a high scoring affair. Torino could possibly walk away with all three points, it will definitely be a very good match to watch.


Players to Watch: Ronaldo, Costa, Bentacour, and Dybala. Watch those four players and you will get a good indication of what Serie A teams and teams in the Champions League have to deal with. Truly dominant, it is insane the talent that this squad has.


YL’s Pick: Juve -1, Dybala to score


Written by: Tyler Bond aka Charlie Tweeder (@tybond16)

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