CHIT Picks 7/9

We are back with another week of CHIT Pick’s. We got La Liga madness for this week after the gaffer, YL, felt like we were not giving out enough of the best league’s games to choose from. Thankfully, for my sake, we have three La Liga games this week coupled with two Premier League games including the North London Derby. Arsenal versus Tottenham. And we are off.




Real Sociedad v. Granada: RLS -135, Draw +250, GRA +410


History: Sociedad has won this matchup six games in a row, but do not count out Granada. Granada has to win a couple of matches before the end of the season to ruin YL’s prediction that they would finish 13th in the table. Sociedad has had problems of late and Odegaard has been injured, but is still playing. This has made Madrid fans extremely mad and the hate is flowing against Sociedad at this point. Since the restart they have really fallen off of the table dropping from 3rd place all the way down to 7th. Sociedad is fighting for a Europa league spot but I do not think they will be able to get it as they are 3 points back from the final spot. 


Players to Watch: Keep an eye on whether or not Odegaard sees the field again. This is truly becoming a standoff between Real and Sociedad at this point because he technically is a Madrista.


YL’s Pick: Draw (This is truly astounding, he never picks a draw)


Villareal v. Real Sociedad: VIL +125, Draw +250, RLS +200


History: Villarreal have made it up to fifth place in the table after a strong second half and season and a solid run of form after the restart. Villarreal is fighting to secure a Europa league spot and if they continue to perform, getting a win here and key draw there, they may be able to secure that spot. Villarreal are only 3 points ahead of Sociedad, but there are games to be played before this so that is subject to change. The final couple of matches will determine a lot of how Europa league looks next season as well as what La Liga clubs will be representing. Villarreal have won two out of the last five matches and they have generally been tight. Expect to see a close match but with Villarreal coming out on top.


Player to Watch: Moreno has been tearing the field up as of late and you should watch him on the pitch. He always finds himself in a position to score and do not be surprised if he winds up on the scoresheet.


YL’s Pick: Villarreal Money-line, Moreno to Score


Real Madrid v. Villarreal: check back later this week for the odds

History: Madrid have been dominant in this matchup throughout history so expect nothing less here. The reason that this game is on here is because Real could win the title with this match, Barcelona, given Real winning the two prior games and then this matchup deciding how the table ends up. Villarreal is, as previously stated, fighting to secure a Europa league spot and if they could walk out of here with a draw that could go a long way in establishing them in Europa league next season. Expect Madrid to win and clinch the title though.


Players to Watch: I mean how can you not watch Sergio Ramos at this point in the season. He just set his career high for league goals in a season and, honestly, he could get that number up to at least 16 by the end of the season. The man is absolutely clinical from the penalty spot and always a threat on set pieces. Hell, Real should throw him up a striker just for shits and giggles to see if he can score more goals. Especially if they lock down the league before this game.


YL’s Pick: Madrid Spread, Ramos to Score




Sheffield United v. Chelsea: SHE +550, Draw +300, CHE -180


History: These two teams have only met once, earlier this season, and this is because Sheffield has historically been a lower division team whilst Chelsea has consistently remained in the top division. The match was a draw the last time out and Chelsea was sputtering whilst Sheffield was punching above their weight. The tables, as they always do, have turned with Chelsea dominating right out of the restart and Sheffield dropping points like a bad habit. The match should be interesting to see if Chelsea start to fall off and whether or not Sheffield can right this ship or show us they are exactly who we thought they were. 


Players to Watch: Oli McBurnie, what has happened to him? I would like to see him rise up again as he is a talented player but has been absolutely dreadful. However, all eyes should be on the Chosen One, Christian Pulisic, the Prince that was Promised, Captain America, Steve Rogers, the American Assassin. Pulisic has been on fire coming out of the break, he is finally healthy and proving that he can be a dominant force in the Premier League. His feet are extremely quick and is always going at defenders and putting them on the back foot, and this is exactly what we need more American players to do, perform in the big European leagues.


YL’s Pick: Chelsea -1, Pulisic to Score


Tottenham v. Arsenal: TOT +145, Draw +240, ARS +195


History: It is the North London Derby. Make no mistake, this is one the best derby matches around the world (In Bond’s Opinion). North London is a complete battle ground for two teams who absolutely hate each other. The teams have drawn their last two matches and it has not been for lack of goals, you should expect to see a high scoring matchup, but who knows Martinez and Lloris may be able to stem the tide of goals that are expected. Both clubs have been playing like absolute shit out of the break, Arsenal have managed to pull off a couple of wins and also a couple of terrible losses. Tottenham on the other hand have had their best player over the last two seasons, Son, fighting with the captain of the squad Lloris in the last matchup. You cannot write a better script, with both teams fighting for a Europa league position at this point, expect a lot of yellow cards and maybe even a couple of red cards. 

Players to Watch: I am going to be extremely biased here but watch Saka on Arsenal. This man has been performing at the highest level, he is third in assists for all Premier League teams despite only seeing time from the middle of the season on. He can literally play anywhere on the outside: full back, winger, outside midfield, the man is a Swiss Army knife for the outside positions…oh and he can play on either side. Saka will make an impact on this game whether it be a goal or an assist. Fact.


YL’s Pick: Spurs Moneyline, Bergwinn to Score


Written by: Tyler Bond aka Charlie Tweeder (@tybond16)

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