A New Era: Arsenal Football Club

Good Morning y’all,

I honestly can say, I did not see this coming. Unai Emery. I do not know how to feel about this. My instinct is telling me that he is a terrible man for the job but I pessimistic in nature. I mean for f***s sake he had Barcelona up 4-0 on aggregate and then lost the second leg 6-1. Just seeing that makes me feel like we’ve replaced Wenger with a worse f***ing Wenger!


As much as I would like to despise the man before he has even managed a game for the club I have to look at this objectively…hold up, let me grab a drink first.


(3 Sweet Tea Tito’s later)


Alright, Unai F***ing Emery. Former manager of Paris-St. Germain and Sevilla he has experience, obviously experience that gave him the job over Arteta but I didn’t want Arteta anyway. While Emery’s time at PSG and Sevilla were successful for the most part he sides always seemed to struggle against the better competition in the Champions League. Yes PSG essentially ran through the Ligue One, but the Prem is not Ligue One and never will be. I much more appreciate what he was able to accomplish at Sevilla in La Liga because in my mind La Liga has better overall competition, with two overpowering teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid.

ReadyDangerousAfricanhornbill-size_restricted.gif(When you try anything to stop Messi^^)


Emery will need to adapt to the style of the Premier League, he is not a Guardiola type where his tactics will shine in the end nor does he have the bank account that Guardiola consistently has. In fact, Emery is likely to have an extremely limited bank account, although reports are flooding that Arsenal are looking to sign numerous players during the summer transfer window. I personally hope that Leno is one of these players, learning from his protege Lehmann, and kicking that old f*** Cech out of the starting goalkeeper spot.


The real interesting thing to me is that Emery will not be considered the “manager” but rather as the “head coach”. What the actual f*** is that?! If this is Kroenke’s, and I am almost positive it is, then that is a real f***ing problem. This is not the NFL, this is not the NHL, this is not the NBA, this is the goddamn Premier League. Head coaches are managers, not head coaches. If he is not considered the manager then who is?!


Wenger’s gone. Time for Stan and Gazidis to go too.

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