Argentina Revolt

What’s going on people? Trick question we all have absolutely no idea. As if the World Cup was not dramatic enough and the Argentina team didn’t have enough issues they are now headed into full pirate mode. Now you are probably saying to yourself “What the f*** are you talking about leg?”. Well come with me and let me edumacate you on the new Argentine drama.


Alright so after the humiliating (Yes I said humiliating Messi fans) loss to Croatia where Croatia played beautifully and did every thing right and Argentina… well they tried. After the loss all eyes went to Messi asking questions about his performance, but the real problem here is the manager. Now I know what you are going to say people have been blaming the manager for Argentina for years now they have had 3 different managers the last two years and, hey maybe that is Messi’s fault, maybe he is a hard player to coach and keep happy. BUT that has nothing to do with the roster the coach put out and the lack of a legitimate strategy to actually win.


So on top of all the crap that is going on with Argentina whether its dropping points to Iceland, losing to Croatia by a rout, or Messi missing a penalty we were DEFINITELY not prepared for what is happening now. Messi has gone full black beard and is leading a player revolt against the national team coach. They tried to get the coach fired before the group stages ended but that has not gone to plan so they are just in a full revolt. Now this isn’t just a few key players helping Messi get rid of the coach this is 23 players on the roster who met with the Argentina Football Federation. The players then told Sampaoli (The Argentina Manager) and his assistant Tapia that they are going to pick the side (The Lineup) they even say he can sit on the bench if he wants, but it wont matter. It will be nothing to do with him.


That was the ultimate mic drop a player can even do to their coach, the fact that these players have this kind of power over their coach is scary and awesome to think about. As a coach you never want to lose the trust of your players, but as a player you have always wanted to do something about it if you did. Well these guys are actually doing something about it and I think it could lead to even more drama in the future of the football world.


(When you realize Messi can play and coach)

Now hold on let me look at this as a Messi hater and then a Messi fan. As a hater the fact that you couldn’t do more on the field, and work with the players out there to even put in a respectable performance is a joke. The fact that Messi needs to constantly blame the Argentina coach, when he is obviously a player they cater to is where I lose a little respect for him, especially because he will most likely retire again if they lose in the group stages


Now let me give you another take for the Messi fans. This is one of the most baller moves I have ever seem the cajones on Lionel Messi to go full pirate and lead a revolt against his coach is such a bold move that you really see how much pull he has just because of his skill level. Also to claim you are coaching now and actually coaching and playing for Argentina in the World Cup…. If that isn’t something that marks you down in the history books well then I just don’t know what will (Outside of actually winning the tournament)


So Argentina are facing elimination only time will tell if Messi can manage and carry his side to victory, and if they do win I assume Messi will get full credit although I have my money on Nigeria you can not beat those jerseys.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 8.17.25 AM.png

(The only way Messi makes it to the next round^^)

These are my takes, I am always right, even when I am wrong….I’m right. 68% of the time everytime I am right. Come chat shit with me on twitter @shopaaj and stay wavy.

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