Benzema Needs Redemption France Needs Benzema

Benzema Needs Redemption…

Karim Benzema the French international has been on the grand stage since he was a teenager. He went from a very successful couple season at Lyon in France to be signed to Real Madrid at the age of 22. With Madrid he has won a league title, domestic cups, super cups, champions leagues, and club world cup championships, but even with this length resume that he now has making him one of the elite strikers in the world his past still haunts him with the French national team.

As of right now Benzema is the 9th leading goal scorer on France with 27 goals and seeing that Frances current starter Giroud just hit 30 goals you wonder why Benzema isn’t getting the call up. Benzema first got called up to the senior team in 2006 and called it “a reward” because as a Frenchman playing for your national team is a dream come true. He played his most regular football for France in the 08’ Euro tournament where he and several other young players in the team were accused of being insolent during the team campaign and describe Benzema as “arrogant”. Benzema past that remained a regular starter for the 2010 World cup qualifications but was eventually not called up due to a sex scandal that he and teammate Franck Ribery were apparently involved in. The coach said due to his poor form with Madrid he would not be called up, and that it had nothing to do with the scandal. But let’s be honest here…

After going almost a year without representing France new French coach Laurent Blanc a Benzema admirer called him up again in 2012 and was working on building around the striker and he led the team in scoring for the 2012 Euro qualifiers, and was once again named to the squad for the 2012 Euros and he played great for the team. This would all only make him more confident going forward for the French international team. After that he went on a scoring drought for the national team leading up to the 2014 world cup qualifiers where he finally found some shooting boots again and would help them qualify for the world cup in a playoff against Ukraine. He was then named to the 2014 team and even scored a brace in the opening game for France, as the eventual German winners would knock France out in the Quarterfinals of the tournament. Now Euro 2016 it was let known early that the French Federation would not select Benzema due to his off the field issues with a sex tape scandal that he was somehow blamed for with Matthieu Valbuena. This was Benzemas second strike with the French national team making players angry, and making the team as a whole look bad by having his name attached to theirs it was pretty much dragging them through the dirt. God only knows how Valbuena made a sex tape and didn’t really get any shit for it. And SOMEHOW Benzema got his hands on it and didn’t do anything with it but apparently black mailed Valbuena for money. (Even though Benzema was on Madrid and Madrid is known for being broke and not paying their players loads of money right? Oh wait …)

So after all the scandals that he was eventually acquitted for, Benzema has not seen another French jersey since the 2014 world cup where France was very lack luster although they lost to the champions. My question is why do you not hold all of the French players to the same standards? As if none of the players on the French national team haven’t had dirt rubbed on their name.

The fact that you have a player playing on the highest level consistently, for a team that is world class, and you aren’t even giving him a call up for friendlies because the head coach believes it may separate the locker room does not make any sense to me. Wouldn’t it make sense to take a chance on the friendlies for a SIGNIFICANTLY better player just to test the water if he really will cause trouble? There is no coach at Madrid that has ever complained or bad-mouthed Benzema. Even through this international break he has been in Madrid working hard, working with Zidane to get back into form and back to scoring ways.

The fact that this French coach does not see how beneficial it would be to put Benzema into a system with break out wingers and a ridiculous midfield just makes me see how blind the French Gaffer is. The fact that you have Giroud starting uptop when you could have Benzema is ridiculous to me. His passing and hold up ability would be so complimentary to the attacking wingers of Griezmann, Dembele, Lemar, Mbappe, I could go on and on. Also with the midfield you have we know you are looking for a big body up top which you have in Giroud and Benzema so there is no downside to take Karim over Giroud. Just none of this adds up, Benzema is even quoted saying that he is upset not to get the call up but he will always root for France. To say he isn’t a team player and he is arrogant just look stupid now, and I think that without a true number 9 upfront France will lose out to the big dogs like Germany, Brazil, Spain, and Belgium.

The French Federation has recently even come out and said that Benzema is available for selection…So now I am looking strictly at the French Head Coach Didier Deschamps…. Get your head out of your ass and realize what you are missing out on, because every miss and turnover I see this Chelsea fuck Giroud have I am blaming strictly on you for having the confidence in him. For Gods sake at least put Griezmann in the middle so you have someone who can actually play and not just the biggest fuck you could find. Anyways that’s my take love it or hate it Benzema is the best striker option that France have currently and without him France are not going to be the strongest team they could possibly be in this world cup.


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