Champions League Final Preview

Champions League Final Preview With Ya Boy Young Leg…

The teams have landed in Kyiv the players are all healthy and ready to go all we have to do now is wait one more sleep. One verrrrrrrrry long sleep if you are as anxious as I am. So for now all I have for you is a little preview of the final as two world-class clubs face off in the biggest competition in Europe. Lets get it going.



First things first after injuries to Chamberlain (Animo Ox), Isco, Can, Henderson, and Carvajal, all players have been deemed fit for the final except the Ox obviously who will be missing the world cup after a great first season at Liverpool. The starting line ups should (In my opinion) look a little like this.

Madrid: Navas, Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Marcelo, Casemiro, Kroos, Modric, Isco, Bale, Ronaldo.


Liverpool: Karius, Alexander-Arnold, Lovren, Van Djik, Robertson, Milner, Henderson, Wjnaldum, Salah, Firmino, Mane.


Madrid will be in Zidane’s new lineup of a 4-1-2-1-2, and Liverpool in Klopp’s classic 4-3-3. With these two matchups there is obvious strengths and obvious weaknesses on both sides. Madrid in the back have the much stronger side, but with Madrid letting their wings attack they will rely heavily on the two center backs to try and contain counter attacks from Liverpool with Salah likely running wild if given all the space from Marcelo moving forward in attack. Carvajal after having another solid season defensively should be a great pairing against Mane and the two big center backs to stay on Firmino they will be relying heavily on Salah to take advantage of Marcelo’s defensive positioning. On the opposite side you have to look at the recent form of Bale and the obvious threat of Cristiano in the champions league and wonder if these young outside backs are going to be able to keep them in check. After great season from Robertson and TAA (Trent Alexander-Arnold) expectations are very high but this is the true test to see if they have what it takes to anchor the Liverpool backline for the foreseeable future. Van Djik will also have his hands full making sure he watches the two Madrid strikers who are hitting form at the perfect time for the final and with Lovren who is always up to something I do not see them keeping the ball out of their net.



Next we have the midfield battle which I am also putting in Madrid’s favor and call me bias if you must but when you have two team of the year players and two other candidates trying to take their spot in the team of the year all in one team that is a side you have to look out for. Toni Kroos and Modric have been on this stage many times before, they are two of the most consistent central midfielders in the world, and to think Milner and Henderson will be able to keep them in check is most definitely being very optimistic. Not to mention Casemiro sitting behind them gives them a bit more of a free range to take space and attack. These three would be a bad enough headache for Hendo, Milner, and Wjnaldum, but I haven’t even mentioned the CAM and a potential future Balon D’or winner in my opinion the Spanish magician Isco. Isco is pretty much being given free roaming ability to do what he does which is create chances, and attack other players. With him combining in the middle with Kroos, Modric, Ronaldo, Bale, shit even Marcelo I find it hard to believe the English midfield will be able to quell the attack.


I know what you are thinking wow you can tell he wants Madrid to win and even though that’s true I am just going off of facts. The fact is Zidane has never lost a UCL final, Klopp has a very poor final record. The fact is Klopp is a great tactician and can take down some of the greatest teams Europe has ever seen. The fact is Salah is on another world in form and Liverpool can’t seem to stop scoring in the champions league. The fact is Milner actually now holds the record for most assists in the champions league after this season. All these facts are nice to see and it has influenced my opinions, but when the day comes it is all up in the air you never know what can happen with the beautiful game and that’s why it is so DAMN BEAUTIFUL. I see this game being a high score line, and being one of the most exciting finals of the last couple years.


My prediction for the game is Real Madrid 4 and Liverpool with 2. Salah will score no ifs no maybes it is just going to happen. I think Liverpool will score first and make the game that much more exciting. I go into more detail on the most recent LADS(Loud Americans Discussing Soccer) Podcast, where you can hear Kevin and I talk about our thoughts for the final and more. Click the Link to listen.^^^


These are my opinions take em or leave em just know that I am right. I am always right, even when I am wrong… I’m right. 87% of the time every time I’m right. Chat shit with me on twitter @shopaaj

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