Champions League Power Rankings

Champions League Power Rankings



Young Leg.


All right so another match week of the Champions league has come and gone and my rankings have shifted somewhat majorly. Quick run through of my rankings from the last match week you can find here. These are from the first week of UCL and partially from their league play so far. For this week leading the top I have…



1.Juventus – Juventus dominated Young Boys in the second round of the group stages 3-0. Thanks to a Dybala hat trick Juve continues to cruise through the group stages of the Champions League, without 100 million dollar man Cristiano Ronaldo serving his one match ban. Juventus continues its perfect start to the season 7 and 0 in Serie A with Ronaldo leading in assists rather than goals… (Yes you read that right) This slick bastard cant find the back of the net but still leads in stats, Juventus seem to be cruising and have Cristiano Ronaldo back for the return to Old Trafford in the next fixture.


2.Barcelona – So Barcelona may be dropping some silly matches in La Liga but, Messi has his eyes on the Champions league as he leaves another mark on England with a 4-2 win over Tottenham. Messi did what Messi does, and Rakitic with an absolute bomb to help seal the win, Tottenham tried to fight back and looked a little hopeful but nothing is stopping Messi this year. As Barca also sit on top of the Spanish table thanks to goal differential they are also cruising in their “Group of Death”.


3.Liverpool – After a opening match win over PSG I had Liverpool topping the list but, dropping points to Chelsea, after also being knocked out by Chelsea in the cup. Liverpool seem to be having a small dip in form, a couple injuries now with Keita going down it seems they may need some of Mo’s magic to get through the hump. They lost last minute to Napoli in the champions league but, with their very tough schedule evening out a bit more I am sure we will see the full power of Klopp and his boys again soon.


4.Bayern Munich – So Bayern a bit of a rough week, tying Ajax in the Champions league, letting Dortmund get the top spot in Germany, what the f*ck is going on over there. You know what is even crazier… they are still top 5 in the world and to win the champions league in my opinion. They are still going to win their group they haven’t lost in the champion’s league yet. They have some key injuries that will soon be filled by the next unsuspecting German talent, and Robert Lewandowski is still the best striker on the planet. (Sorry Harry Kane bandwagoners). Bayern Munich has these small hiccups usually after a lot of lineup changes, or injuries, and the next week everything is fine again. They are in a new system and I expect them to play the long game and get the experiments out now. Bavarians shouldn’t be worried one bit.


5.Manchester City – Well after I shocking loss at home to Lyon in the first match week they came they saw they conquered. 2-1 win over Hoffenheim, David “Ice in his F*ckin Veins” Silva with the game winner. City of course taking care of business in the league just as you expect a Pep team to do. City has jumped to top of the table and their best player is injured. Yes it is up for debate if KDB is their best player but whatever he still isn’t playing. KDB possible return this Sunday against Liverpool (Pause for Gasps) and they are now tied for the top of their group in the UCL. Not a bad week for city which is why they made my top



6. PSG

7. Dortmund

8. Inter Milan

9. Real Madrid

10. Napoli


PSG – I expect them to continue to rise after beating the sh*t out Zvezda, they are still unbeaten in the league, top of the table, and the team is stocked with ridiculous talent. PSG will continue to rise and don’t be surprised to see them in the top 5.


Dortmund– Top of the table beating out Bayern like the good old days, they have hit great form, young guys are balling, and they showed it with an impressive 3-0 win over Monaco. Klopp would be proud.


Inter Milan – I mean granted it was just PSV but this is a new Inter Milan and they are 2-0 in the Champions League again. If that isn’t enough reason to celebrate they are also back in the top 4 after a rocky start in Serie A. Also Juventus is already like 6 points clear so just really gun for the UCL spots now.


Real Madrid – Well sh*t what can I say as a Madrista this was a rough ass weak for us. Mid week get our asses kicked by Sevilla, Saturday goalless Madrid derby in the Bernabeu, then lose 1-0 to CSKA Moscow on the worst turnover I have seen from Kroos in years. Bad week still tied for first in the league I expect Madrid to bounce back and we will see them towards the top soon enough.


Napoli – I mean last minute winner against Liverpool to get the 3 points. That right there has made this group c so interesting now. They are also in second place behind Juventus who they just recently lost to, but this Liverpool win should turn everything around for Napoli fans.


Agree or disagree? Guess what you are wrong and I am right chat shit with me on twitter @shopaaj.

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