Champions League Quarter Final Predictions (YL)

UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals

Alright, so first things first does Bayern always get a bye to the semi final or is that just me? Bayern fans let me know… Other than that these matchups are pretty sweet although I am very upset Madrid drew Juventus this early as I do have a thing for both teams but whats done is done on to the predictions…


Barcelona vs. Roma

Now this may come to a shock to you… but I do not think this will be much of a contest… Oh not a shock that probably because Barcelona is in the best form they have had in a couple years, just smoked the shit out of Chelsea at home, and Roma barely beat Shakhtar Donetsk (Yes that’s a real team even though you probably haven’t heard of them) I mean Roma legitimately only got through on away goals they didn’t even out right beat a much weaker team that in my opinion was lucky to make it out of the group stages. Barcelona having Messi and company playing they way they are playing, Iniesta aging like a fucking fine wine, and a backline that looks almost unbeatable at the moment. I really do not see them losing to this Roma side that rely heavily on a few key players and a surprising young talent. That being said they are still from the big bad Italian league they are going to play hard and not let Barca take this from them too easy. But Barca playing at home where they have not lost in months I am going to take the Spanish giants.


Prediction: Barcelona 3 Roma 0


Sevilla vs. Bayern Munich

Now I don’t know how Bayern Munich always get a draw that puts them on the easiest road to the semi final, but whoever they have scared as fuck is hooking them up. This is another matchup that a team who played incredibly against a good side in Manchester United and is looking like more and more of a Cinderella story with the draws they have been getting against European giants. Sevilla is a team that always shows up in European competition after three-peating in the Europa league its time for them to show us what they got. Now on the other hand Bayern is doing what Bayern does which is score loads of goals and show no sort of weakness in the German wall. Also did I mention they still do not have Neuer and people STILL cant manage to score on these guys. Lewandowski inform, Mueller is about to show his form with the world cup coming up where he always shines, Kimmich, Boateng, Vidal etc. etc. The Germans haven’t really lost anyone to injury and after adding James to the midfield they don’t seem to have a real weakness except father time. Playing them you will have to come at your best and not give up any mistakes. I am sorry to shit on a Spanish football side but this is another cake walk for Bayern Munich.


Prediction: Bayern 4 Sevilla 1 (Shoutout Ben Yedder)


Juventus Vs. Real Madrid

So in my household we have the Juventus part and the Real Madrid part so waking up to see they had drawn each other before the semi final was a quick shot to the nuts. Both of these teams are so experienced, they have loads of talent, and they both show up on the big stage. I don’t know how they both came off arguably the hardest matchups last round only to give us a rematch of last years final, but I guess we will let UEFA give Bayern and Barca the easy matchups. This will most likely be the legs to watch as Zidane takes on his former team and we get another classic matchup from these European Giants. The only advantage I think there is, is that Madrid only have one option to win a trophy and it is the champions league so 100% of their effort is being put strictly on that. That being said Juventus is again in ridiculous form they still have not lost in the league, and they still have a defense that is interchangeable, and a world-class goalie that does not allow many goals. This tie is up in the air for me but I am going to take Madrid I think Zidane needs to get at least one trophy compared to Juventus who are going for the treble (again…) I am very much looking forward to this match, but at the same time loathing it because everyone else in the tournament makes out that they two team from the final last year are playing each other pretty early.


Prediction: Madrid 2 Juventus 1


Liverpool Vs. Manchester City

Liverpool and Man City, I am looking forward to this strictly because Liverpool kind of has city’s number since they were the last team to beat them. Other than that this is one of the better drawings city could of gotten. Liverpool is an English team that they know, Pep most likely already has a plan to beat them after losing to them earlier this year, and Liverpool is also sometimes just shit I do not think they are inconsistent they will play like 8 beautiful games of football and then all of a sudden they shit they bed and lose to a team like Swansea, or West Brom. Now I am really praying this doesn’t happen because I think this matchup could potentially be one of the best depending if City flat out dominate or if Salah and his two other partners decide they are gonna ball the fuck out. If that front three starts to click I do not think City has the manpower to guard them all. Now with that said I know for a fact Liverpool does not have the manpower to guard any of Man City’s attackers with 3 potential players of the year sitting on the starting lineup. The only one who can guard them is Virgil Van Dijk, I love the Liverpool outside backs, but they are so young and not completely ready for this, and if you put Milner in the backline or midfield that is pretty much admitting defeat right there. I think city will cruise through this unless the front three and goalkeeper for Liverpool are up to something special.


Prediction: Man City 3 Liverpool 1


These are my predictions hate em or love em, I am always right. Even when I’m wrong, I’m right. 76% of the time every time I am right. Come chat some shit online that’s what I am here for if you don’t agree or you think I am cute @shopaaj on twitter. Young Leg …. Out

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