Champions League Semi Final Predictions (Round 2)

Champions League Semi Final Predictions

So after a thrill ride of a champion’s league semi final we had last week… we get to do it all again this week WOO.


But after last weeks legs we have people saying some games are over, we got referees being blamed, we have bags and bag of goal opportunities, and the only one to take advantage of it all was Mo Salah as he continues his ridiculous season. But we will get into that in just a second first I want to talk about the two big boys in the tournament going head to head so here we go.


Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich

Since these teams have met in the Champions league 25 times total (the most in champions league match ups ever) it has created a beautiful rivalry. Now over the years Bayern has been the more dominant club head to head except, moving forward to this last decade of Cristiano Ronaldo the Bavarians have had nightmares about him. His goal tally in the UCL is impressive his 9 goals in 6 games against Bayern are more impressive. After Madrid won the first leg 2-1 in the Allianz Arena they are headed back home to the Bernabeau in Madrid to secure their place in the final. Injuries plagued these two teams the last two weeks with Bayern losing Robben, Boateng, and having no Coman, or Neuer. Madrid on the other hand have now lost midfield magician Isco, and lock down right back Carvajal. With these key injuries on both sides I am very interested in the game changing decisions these coaches are going to have to make. I think Madrid will have to go more defensive with the lack of Carvajal and a lot will be asked of Raphael Varane, but his duty of giving Robert Lewandowski no space cannot be taken lightly. The fact that we haven’t seen Lewandowski or Muller on the score sheet yet should make Madristas sweat a bit, but in the end I do think Los Blancos will be able to pull through, they haven’t not scored in a game yet, and with two away goals behind them I think it is Madrid who move on to the final.


Prediction: Madrid 3 Bayern 1

Liverpool Vs Roma

Now If you don’t follow me on twitter you don’t know that I have been arguing with Liverpool fans all week, and the shit talking has begun since as of right now it would be a Madrid vs Liverpool final. That being said I apologize for the shit chatting but come on now it’s the UCL. That being said Liverpool came and took business at home which they have done all year the energy the team gets from Anfield is second to none. The Ox even spoke about what a honor it was to play in front of those fans after his arsenal days. Now Roma seemed to be sleeping for the first 60 minutes of the game, which allowed Liverpool to put 5 in the back of the net (YEAH 5 F***ing Goals). With the magic of that front three I do not see them allowing a comeback from Roma as all three got on the score sheet in the first leg and Liverpool became the highest scoring team in a champions league season. But let us not forget that Liverpool haven’t always been at their best away from home, and especially out of England, and with Roma playing again with their season on the line, at home, with the crowd, I don’t know the stars may just align to save Roma another miracle. Granted if that happens they mine as well just win the whole damn thing but this would be another roman miracle, which they have seen a lot of lately. I think Klopp has a plan and I believe Liverpool will be moving on.


Prediction: Liverpool 2 Roma 1

These are my opinions but as you all know I am always right, even when I am wrong I’m right, 80% of the time every time I am right. Come chat shit with me @shopaaj. #ForTheCulture

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