Champions League Semi Final Predictions YL

Champions League Semi Final Predictions


All right here is what we have all been waiting for the Champions League Semi Finals we have two very familiar faces and two that we have not seen in a while. Soooo of course UEFA puts the two teams that always seem to find their way to the semis against each other, and the two who have just been welcomed back to the show together. But lets just get down to it here Champions League Semi finals winners, losers, who’s going to win this whole thing.How-to-watch-UEFA-Champions-League-live-online-VPN-DNS-Proxy-e1487671151636


Lets start with the big dogs, two top 5 teams in the world right now you have Real Madrid of Spain versus the German giants Bayern Munich. Now Bayern have just recently clinched their sixth straight Bundesliga title, and Madrid have seen their way out of one of the most difficult Champions League runs I have seen in a while. So Real Madrid coming out of the group of death, then draw the French champions PSG, then get the Italian champions Juventus, and now what do you know another league champion Bayern Munich. I don’t know what Real Madrid did to piss off UEFA maybe they just don’t want to see a three-peat but this has been an incredible run from a team that started the year off so slow.

With the new Balon D’or campaign from the man known as Cristiano Ronaldo he has not stopped scoring in the champion’s league, Real Madrid only has the champion’s league to win at this point in the season, and without a trophy at Madrid Zidane could also be fighting for his job. Those are the main reasons Real Madrid are look rather favorable, but on the flip side Bayern have one already clinched their league and after a couple knock outs by the hands of Madrid they will be looking for revenge.real

Lewandowski still doing what he does which is score bags of goals in any way possible, and the back up goal keeper for Bayern Sven Ulreich has not had them really miss a beat in the back. Here is where it gets interesting, Bayern throughout the entire year haven’t played a real team except for PSG which I don’t really think they showed up to as they lost and then tied them in the group stages, other than that Bayern has been very lucky with their draws and even looked to have a bit of a tough time with Sevilla. This is just me saying are they even ready to play? It looks like they are still on break or it’s senior spring and they are just coasting. Madrid is not a team you can coast against and with the injuries to Vidal and Neuer they will definitely be missed in a game against Real Madrid the current European Champions.

Now on the Madrid side, Karim Benzemas shooting boots seem almost non existent, Gareth Bale seems to have aged about 15 years in 2 years, and Madrid do not have enough positions available on the field to put in the ridiculous amount of talent they have in the midfield. This matchup is going to be another classic but the edge has to go to Madrid since they have one goal this season and that is to win another champion’s league, also the fact Bayern will most likely have no Vidal and no Neuer is another big loss to the Germans.

I think Madrid will take the win and I think it will be a glorious game to remember. Also Madrid seems to be playing better away from home and with this first leg at the Allianz Arena I like their chances.


Prediction: Madrid 3-1


Next we have Roma versus Liverpool and these are the “New Guys” and they aren’t really new but it is just new over the past 10 years since we are used to seeing Barca and Juventus in the semi final. Anyways obviously the first name I am going to talk about is Mo Salah. The Egyptian God… this man is right behind Cristiano Ronaldo in the European golden boot race, he is leading in the premiere league for goals, and his team has set the record for most goals by an English club in the champion’s league. If that isn’t impressive enough don’t worry we have Egypt in the world cup this summer to watch him ball EVEN MORE.

Now enough about Salah lets talk about that front three of Liverpool that has been carrying this team to glory. With the two fastest men alive on your team you are going to be a threat sending Sadio Mane or Salah on a counter attack is probably one of the easiest things to do as a midfielder or defender they make you look good, not to mention the Brazilian in the middle of the pitch Firmino holding up play and creating space out of nothing. Liverpool has been one of the most fun teams to watch this year attack wise and with Virgil Van Dijk holding down the back line they look like a tough side to beat in Europe.5ad0954f32e90

Now the complete opposite for me is Roma, they have some big name guys, but they are getting up there in age Nianggolan , De Rossi, Manolas, Dzeko, these guys are one of those Italian teams that play with a ton of heart, passion, and they play together which makes them so good. They have squeaked out of the last two knock out rounds after a master class against Barcelona. (Thank you by the way Roma) With Roma knowing Mo Salah very well since they just sold him to Liverpool in the summer this is about to be a fantastic matchup. Roma when they play they also go out there to just beat the shit out of teams, they have two of the baddest midfielders in the game right now (tatted the fuck up and all) and I don’t know if the youth in Liverpools defense are going to be ready for these grown ass men.

In my opinion English clubs usually don’t do too well against the Italians who are willing to beat down whoever gets in their way. But this is still a remarkable season and that Liverpool front three can cause problems against any defense. Plus with Salah scoring the way he is I don’t see him accepting a loss. At the other end VVD is going to have to be on his toes and keep his back line in check because if you give Dzeko space the old man will take advantage of it. (Yeah I called you old Dzeko)


Prediction: Liverpool 2-1 Salah Salah Salah

Now just remember these are only my opinions but also remember I am always right, even when I am wrong I am right, 94% of the time every time I am right. Chat shit if you need to @shopaaj I welcome all shit talking if you can handle it.


Odds to win the entire thing:

Real Madrid 2/1

Bayern Munich 23/10

Liverpool 40/17

Roma 10/1

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