Chivas vs. Toronto Reactions : G.Lorance Stan Whyte Cross Over

Vamos Chivas; Don’t Cry for Jozy and MB — By Stan Whyte

You could tell as Toronto FC captain Michael “The Coach’s Son/I’m not a CAM” Bradley dug into the penalty spot that the ensuing kick wouldn’t bring joy. It was the elimination kick for the reigning MLS champs as Chivas were a save away from conquering the CONCACAF CL.


I’d like to take a moment to just highlight that CONCACAF is not worthy of their own “Champions League” competition. Putting low-class franchises from Daddy Don’s pyramid scheme in the tournament is a horrendous call. Playing the final over two legs with an away goal aggregate is also a terrible decision.

Playing only 90 minutes plus stoppages and skipping ET altogether for PKs is just an atrocity. With that said Bradley played CB for a much maligned TFC back four on this evening and should’ve had fresh legs for his spot kick.

Rumour has it that the ball still hasn’t descended from orbit. Seeing that ball sky over the crossbar will give me pleasure for days. Months even. Why?


10/10/17. That’s why.

Jozy Altidore scored on the evening too albeit a tap in from the edge of the 6 yard box. Yay. Good job you overweight hack. Once again, Jozy, you’ve proven to me and the rest of North America that you have no problem scoring for a Canadian franchise but on the world’s stage? When it comes time to qualify for an International competition? You shrink and hide like the petulant scrub that you are. Go rest that calf or whatever injury you sustained late in the 2nd half last night.


For those of you who claim Toronto FC didn’t tank the start of the MLS campaign in order to progress in this pathetic competition, check the MLS table. 5 matches played. 3 points. Yes I trash the MLS at every opportunity but there’s no excuse for that franchise to take 3 points from 15. None.

And y’all want Craig Vanney to be the next USMNT HC? Seriously? Stop it. Get some help.

Toronto visit the Chicago Fire in a few days. Expect a 4-nil scoreline as the hosts should indeed torch this miserable excuse for a footballing team.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Come chat shit with me on Twitter @realwhytedudeFC.

But as a wise striker once said, “Chat shit, get banged.” #ProRelforUSA #TFT


By: G.Lorance

“This should be a message to the rest of CONCACAF that US are knocking on the door.” I read this tweet and thought…. Really what door is that. Ever since that game at T&T all I have been able to think is, the US has put CONCACAF on notice. Notice that it’s not just America and Mexico anymore. I felt it in my soul when I saw Christian Pulisic crying on the field, and I felt anger towards a few of the United States “veteran players”.


Fast forward a few months, Toronto FC wins a domestic double on the backs of two of those veteran players. First off we have Michael “Mr. Clean lookin ass” Bradley. I’ve heard things from both ends of the spectrum, he’s a garbage player, or he’s a World Class CDM. If you are one that thinks he’s gods gift to MLS, and the national team, I’m so sorry that this backwards league and management has twisted you that much. He’s never been more than the coach’s son, his name got him where he is. His goal at the Azteca is his one shinning moment in a US shirt. Then we have Jozy “Hamstrings made of glass/Poor mans Lukaku” Altidore. The only difference between Jozy and Big Rom, Rom can score at will for his national team, which Jozy can’t seem to do with the ball an inch off the goal line. Watching these two men win those trophies and seeing the ecstasy in there eyes made me feel something more than anger, more than sadness, it made me loathe them.


After the double people began saying “this is the greatest team in MLS history.” Whoa let’s calm it down and take a big step back. They made it through the knockout stages of the CONCACAF Champions League with some impressive results, I will give them that. Then reality had to sit in. They where handed a defeat after penalties by the 17th placed Liga MX team, Guadalajara. This team is second from bottom. I will give Toronto credit for the right they showed to force penalties, but we all know some players just told Under pressure. Up steps Mr. Clean himself, and when he skied that penalty into the 50th row, I felt no remorse, no sadness, I finally felt retribution.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here now. Toronto would get relegated or barely scrape by in a top European league. I know the MLS faithful will consider that blasphemy after the run they have had, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

My final thoughts on this are this. I hope somewhere in Dortmund Christian Pulisic saw the result of this game, smiled, and kicked back thinking thank god I don’t have play with them again.



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