Derby Weekend Predictions

Derby Weekend Predictions


The derbies are here people this weekend is about to be LIVE. We have derbies across all leagues coming at you this weekend so lets just go through the ins and outs of the derby and who is going to be walking away victorious. Lets all get ready for some beautiful football and a lot of blind hatred because of the love of their club. Gotta love Footy.e21cfb3fbb97aa7547a74176ec77a56f_fast-food-online-ordering-why-consumers-buy-more-zinmobi-mouth-watering-clipart_1126-1299

First up in the EPL we have the early game being the Merseyside Derby of Liverpool against Everton. Currently Liverpool leads its rival in head to head wins with 92 wins and the reds look to continue their stretch of form at enemy lines in Goodison park. Now these two team’s stadiums are only separated by a mile in Merseyside England, and that is about the only close thing between these clubs. Will we see Rooney make an impact to ruin the day of Liverpool fans like he has done so many times in the past? Will Salah return from injury for the derby? I do not have the answers we will have to wait until Saturday morning to find out. With the form that Liverpool has been in compared to the dumpster fire that has been Everton’s season so far I can see that even not being at Anfield Liverpool should have a pretty good time over at Goodison park Saturday morning. Coming off a huge champions league win against current league leaders city I do not see how the reds will manage to bottle this against their Merseyside counterparts. But stranger things have happened I think that with a strong defensive performance and if the attack of Everton can make some magic happen we will be in for a hell of a derby.


Prediction: 3-1 Liverpool (Salah will probably play and ruin the morning early)


Next up for the premiere league…. The one that everyone has been waiting for the second round of THE MANCHESTER DERBY. Now with City miles ahead and United trying to solidify their champions league spot for next year you would think United had the advantage, BUT you are horribly wrong. With this next win City would clinch the title, so if you thought just making Manchester blue was the only goal for the Cityzens guess again. Winning the title against your bitter rivals is a dream in the footballing world, but to do it at home in front of all the fans also…. Well that is just something people write about in movie scripts. United has not seemed to have found an answer for all the problems City will be throwing at them Saturday afternoon, and I want to blame that mostly on the horrible outdated tactics of Jose Mourinho. Depending how Jose let’s Pogba play on Saturday I think City are going to take out all their aggressions of getting smoke by Liverpool and leave them at The Etiad. This is such a beautiful situation for city that if they were to clinch against united Liverpool would actually have to give them the honor guard when they meet them in the league the following week. In this situation the script is pretty much written itself to make the day of two of your bitter rivals worse with just one match you can not really ask for more as a football player. All that being said David DeGea is still in net for United, their defense is starting to figure things out a bit, Alexis is finally scoring, Martial and Rashford are heat coming off the bench, Lukaku is inform after the international break, and Lindgard is actually going to be the difference maker for me in this match. If Jesse can create space and opportunities against this city midfield and defense like he has been doing the last couple matches he is going to be a real problem. Other than that Aguero possible to make a return and you know he is angry to have missed the UCL game, Sane and Sterling are about to take their frustrations out on the old ass United backs, and we will see where this matchup leads up to.


Prediction: 4-1 City (Yeah its scripted for them to clinch the title and it will be ugly since they didn’t even get a shot off on Liverpool)


Next we have in La Liga the battle for the Spanish Capital the Madrid Derby. Atletico Madrid currently in 2nd place, and Real Madrid the defending European champions in 3rd place with 4 points separating them. Now Barca has pretty much wrapped up La Liga currently 9 points ahead of Atletico, so this is a win win situation for them because one of these teams has to drop points. But we aren’t talking about Barca we are talking about two teams that have started 2018 extremely hot with a huge part of that being because of their strikers. Cristiano Ronaldo scoring 23 goals in 2018 so far to make him the highest scoring player in all competitions currently, and Antonine Griezmann who has scored 9 goals in his last 5 la liga matches. Now obviously there is going to be a ton of talent on the field and some big names to watch out for, but these two have really turned it on the last three months. Madrid have been on the longest winning streak so far this season, and the same with Atletico Madrid being on there second longest. Both teams are currently dominating in Eruope with two big wins this week in UCL and the Europa League. Now we are going to have to really slice up the teams to figure out which is stronger because these teams matchup very well. But aint nobody got time for all that detail so I will just say that the advantages. Number 1 is the Atletico number 1 Jan Oblak the man is incredible in net, doesn’t get all the credit he deserves but he has been running the Spanish league in clean sheets for about 2 or 3 years now so advantage Atletico in net. The back lines… this is where the teams matchup so well you have Carvajal to Juan Fran, Marcelo to Felipe, Ramos to Godin, and Varane to Savic. I want to say Real has the advantage on the back line but it is just too close to call so we will call it a draw. Midfield was an easy pick when you have two team of the year midfielders on one team and arguably one of the best CDMs in the world right now, but don’t let that take away from a strong young midfield that is held down by Gabi Fernandez, but they just aren’t going to be enough for the names of Modric, Kroos, Isco, and Asensio. Finally we have the forwards that I think I may have to call a draw. You have Costa and Griezmann on one side, but then the other you have Bale, Benzema, and the greatest player on the planet Cristiano Ronaldo. Now obviously this is very close to call but I think the edge goes to the man that is the center piece of every pitch he steps on Cristiano Ronaldo. No team has an answer for him but I really do think this matchup will lead to an exciting match.


Prediction: 2-2 Draw

Also since Milan already played and Inter completely blew it esspecially you Icardi… yeah calling you out, I can’t really give you a prediction since it ended 0-0 but another great derby that you should all mark your calendars for. Lots of young talent and some big names you would also recognize.

Now these are all my opinions take em or leave em just know that I am always right, even when I am wrong I am right, 36% of the time, every time …. I am right. Chat shit with me on Twitter @shopaaj and Stay Wavy.

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