El Clasico Recap

WOOOOOWEEEEEEE what a match what a match did we just witness no less than 24 hours ago. Real Madrid versus Barcelona, the greatest rivalry in sports in my opinion. Regardless of the standings or who has the better team these two clubs always show up for this game no matter what is up for grabs because they DO NOT LIKE EACHOTHER. Not only do the two clubs not like each other but one represents the capital of Spain and the other represents an area of Spain trying to secede so even on the pitch this gets ugly, and not only that but we have the two best players we have ever seen play the game on the pitch against each other… is there really more to ask for? If you missed this game I apologize I will do my best here to fill you in. So here we go…



First things first I want to say I believe Madrid did in fact get shafted on some bogus play calling by the ref for Barcelona’s goal and not calling the obvious penalty for Marcelo but if you are a man up I don’t think using the ref as an excuse is a really acceptable. Anyways this game started out just how you would expect Madrid to start it, which is to give up an early goal and then start actually playing. With Barcelona playing their full strength line up and Madrid without Carvajal and Isco you could already tell this game was going to get a little ugly. Nacho leaves Suarez open at the back post a lovely ball to Suarez which led to a world class volley right corner beautiful goal on some shotty defense and Barcelona goes up 1-0 in the Tenth minute. But as a Madrid fan you gotta be used to giving up the first goal since it happens so often and have no need to fear Ronni is here.


After some beautiful ball movment and a nice back heel to Toni Kroos from Ronaldo in the box, Kroos serves in a one time cross to find Benzema on the back post who plays Ronaldo a tap in to even the score at 1-1 just four minutes after conceding a goal. This same play Ronaldo sprained his ankle getting tangled up with Pique and was subbed off at half time.


The next 30 minutes had everything except goals in it. There was hacking, there were ridiculous opportunities, and some sublime saves from Keylor Navas and Ter Stegen. Both of these goalkeepers in my opinion don’t get the credit they really deserve since they play on such talented teams they are expected to be world class. But right around the 45th minute Marcelo ran down a ball heading for Sergi Roberto and gave him a little bump after the clearance, but then Roberto cocks back and straight up punched Marcelo in the face…. Believe it or not you can’t actually punch someone in the face in futbol so he was sent off no ball around him and we didn’t get to see a replay until half. It was blatant and the fact that Barcelona players tried to argue it is kind of a joke but hey stick up for your team I see you.


Now some other shady stuff went on during half time apparently captain Sergio Ramos says Messi tried to influence a draw at halftime with the ref but there were no cameras to see it. I don’t know why Ramos of all people would make that up but also there is no evidence of it besides the really shitty play calls so I am not going to even let this effect anything about this fantastic game. Second Half starts Barca are down a man it is 1-1 and of course 5 minutes into the half, Varane shields off Suarez to get the ball and has his leg hacked down falls… but no call. Suarez takes it the other way with Messi. Messi does what he does gets around Casemiro and Ramos doesn’t even look up at the net and finds the side panel to beat Navas. All in all this was an incredible goal it was just shady as shit that how the whole counter attack started was from a botched call.


So here are all the Madrid fans sitting there after giving up a short handed goal, and watching Madrid continue to knock on the door and not get a goal. Then bang out of no where Asensio no look pass to Bale and the one timer with the left foot about 20 yards out top left goalie had no chance at it. All right, SWEET 72nd minute its 2-2 Madrid are a man up this is going to be a great finish right?


Wrong Marcelo absolutely torn down in the box and it was waved off, Messi in a on a breakaway Keylor Navas makes himself huge, this game was all about the chances that weren’t put away and it ended in incredible fashion 4 minutes of added time both teams running down the others throat until the very end. But in the end it finished 2-2 Barcelona continue their unbeaten streak in the league, and Iniesta’s final clasico was a thriller that kept his unbeaten streak going. After a match like this with nothing really on the line except bragging rights it just really helps to make you understand why we love the beautiful game.


Also just want to pay my respects to a Spanish futbol legend I understand you played for Barca and that’s ok… I guess but thank you for everything you did for the game you will be missed even if it was on the opposite side of the pitch.

These are all my opinions, take em or toss em just know that I am always right, even when I am wrong I am right, 94% of the time every time I am right. Find me on Twitter to chat shit @Shopaaj .

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