Establishment Bros vs. Reformist Boycotters By: Stan Whyte

“Establishment Bros vs Reformist Boycotters” by Stan Whyte

What a week, huh? The VP wins the USSF Presidential Election and thus all hell breaks loose in the universe of US Soccer. Cordeiro wasn’t expected to take home the crown but else would you expect from an insider of a fraudulent federation? (Oh and coercing the Athletes Council for their block of the vote helps. I can’t prove this but I feel the murmurs are too true to ignore)

How did you mourn the loss of Eric Wynalda come 12p EST Saturday? I myself imbibed in hoppy suds until I couldn’t speak coherently. Then repeated the process on Sunday. Gutted. Angered. Betrayed. Hurt. No, I didn’t get dumped by a wayward lover. My Federation failed me. Failed its citizenry. I promised to boycott all USSF activities if a reform candidate didn’t win. (sidenote — shoutout Hope Solo on a tremendous campaign. She has a future in the game on an organizational level for sure. You’ve got my *future* vote, Hope!)

That boycott hath begun. To hell with this sham of a federation.

Conversely, the #StatusQuoBros (shoutout AlamoCitySC for wasting my time the past 48 hrs in senseless debates about NOTHING), are out in full force celebrating essentially the ensuing demise of the beautiful game in our (sort of) great land. They got what they wanted. #LaughNowCryForever

It’s just incredible how normal citizens with no impact on the workings of the game will sit there and sheepishly support corruption/anti-trust policies and and a wholly misguided view on how soccer works globally. This isn’t about #TheAmericanWay. It’s about respecting the game, its participants, and growing the sport organically from a grassroots perspective. The #StatusQuoBros fail to see the damage they’re doing by supporting a system which has already failed.


There’s this misconceived notion that we’re supposed to support the NTs regardless of what happens off the pitch. Nah. The two are interchangeable and thus shouldn’t be ignored on either end. Shall I remind you about what happened on 10/10/17 again? No?

Well then think about the damage you’re doing to the future of the game by supporting a fraudulent federation led by Gulati/Garber/(and now) Cordeiro.

Don’t watch the NTs. Don’t buy tickets to the fixtures. DON’T BUY THE GEAR. This is the only way, (at this point), that we’ll get the change we need in the USSF. Either that or just burn the MF’er down and build a new one from the ground up…






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