Giallorossi, Kings of Rome

Nothing better than beating Lazio in the Rome derby. For those of you around the world derby matches are what every club wants to win. Yes clubs have higher aspirations but derby matches mean city bragging rights and for the fans of the Wolves nothing is better, nothing makes a Roma fan smile more than beating Lazio.


Let us start with the game itself. Not a hot start but all that matters is coming through with the win. Lazio was pinning the Rome giants in for much of the first half of the game and Roma rarely got men forward on the break to create any decent scoring chances. The giallorossi had to rely on the likes of N’Zonzi, de Rossi, and Santon to break up long stretches of Lazio possession. It soon turned around when Dzeko, who still is not firing on all cylinders, broke free to push Roma into a more counter-attacking approach to the game. Roma, from that point forward, was on the front foot and creating numerous chances.


Chances that Lorenzo Pellegrini soon finished off. This man had one of the better goals in a Rome derby that I have seen. A smooth back heel finish and Roma were off the mark. This is what Roma fans have been waiting for, a Pellegrini that is firing on all cylinders, a Pellegrini that can score the goals when it counts and boy was his timing perfect. Not to get lost on the beauty of Pellegrini’s finish is the Serbian missile man, Alexander Kolorov did what he does best, bang in a nice free kick. Kolorov is deadly, he will bag a couple of goals, shag your wife, and sneak off to do some wetwork shit in his spare time. Point is, Kolorov playing on a broken pinky toe, on his left foot no less, is going to go down in Roma lore for what he has done for the club (we can skip over his Lazio days though).



Hopefully this is the game that breaks Roma out of their terrible form to start the season. Only 11 points from 7 matches is not going to get the job done. Yes there have been injuries but that is no excuse for how the giallorossi have started the season. Totti and de Rossi made me fall in love with this club and I know Totti is probably thinking about going all Scholesy and coming back to push Roma towards the top of the table (I can only hope). I need this Roma side to show me that they can compete day in and day out in Serie A, forget about the Champions League for a minute and focus on climbing up the Italian league. Roma needs to set its sights on regaining that battle for the top of Serie A with Juventus. Will that be easy? Absolutely not, but one man does not make a team, and the Wolves need to start playing as a team where every man is fighting for one another. De Rossi, a goddamn legend, needs to push the love he has for this team onto everyone in the dressing room.


For the time being however, Kings of Rome sounds good to me. Fanculo Lazio,

siamo venuti, abbiamo visto, abbiamo vinto or as Caesar would say, Vinni Viddi Vicci.

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