Hamsik to China…Why?

And the kid’s back. Sorry to all those footy fans out there who were happy they did not have to read any of my shit articles, but those days are over. Back in the saddle again, and if you don’t like it I invite you to FUCK OFF.


I know you are all wondering, what the absolute fuck brought this scumbag back into the writing game? Well news recently broke that all-time appearances/goal record holder at Napoli has been shipped off to China. Yes we are talking about the one, the only, Marek Hamsik. The only question I have to ask is WHY?


Marek Hamsik started his professional career as a fourteen year-old. I repeat. FOURTEEN. He came up through the ranks of his youth squad Slovan Bratislava and eventually made six appearances in two seasons. He was then shipped off to Brescia where he accumulated sixty-five appearances in three years and bagged 10 goals, not a bad clip for a teenage midfielder. It was at Brescia that he really found his footing in Serie A, he performed well and was eventually picked up Italian side Napoli who were in the top division after Brescia had been relegated two years prior.


This is where the legend that is Marek Hamsik begins to unfold. Joining “I Partenopei” at the age of nineteen, he then led the club in goals his first two seasons. You are thinking to yourself, “Wow, Hamsik was leading scorer at Napoli?! That’s insane!”. Not at all, the Napoli of ten years ago is not the Napoli of today. Hamsik lived through the tough times at Napoli and was rewarded for his dedication by becoming part of one of the top squads in Italy over the last few seasons. Hamsik was integral when it came to building up this Napoli squad into what it is today. Over the course of his career at Napoli Hamsik averaged 8 goals a season in Serie A, and contributed a handful of assists each year. The thing to remember is that Hamsik spent twelve years at Napoli, twelve years of highs and lows with the Italian side that, of late, always seems to be clipping at the heels of Juventus. I mean the man is the all-time record goal scorer for the club.


Hamsik is such a dynamic offensive player that his hero, Pavel Nedved, referred to Hamsik as his heir. Keep in mind Nedved is Czech and Hamsik is Slovak, that is a bitter rivalry right there.


This begs the question, WHY? At only thirty-one years of age Hamsik still has plenty left in the tank and plenty to add to this Napoli squad. Apparently Hamsik wanted out, and he even rejected a move to Borussia Dortmund which, in my opinion, can only mean one thing. Money.


The real kicker here is that Napoli is only getting twenty million Euros for him and that, to me, is an extremely low amount for your club captain, all-time appearances leader, all-time goalscorer, who is still only thirty-one. What the hell is going on Napoli? You guys are good, but are you good enough to get rid of him? I’d say yes considering Hamsik has barely played this year, but still it will be tough for the Napoli fans out there to see this dominant player, who really made his career at Napoli, leave…for China…CHINA.


Written by: Tyler Bond follow Bond on Twitter to chat shit @Tybond16

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