How To Get Over A Broken Heart

Hello friends,

Oh also my condolences to all the other derby losers out there because if you think its been a crappy weekend us Madristas have had a crappy week. Losing twice to Barcelona in the Bernabeu to pretty much ensure there will be no trophies domestically for Real. Let me put this lightly… Losing FUC*ING SUCKS! But we are here to solve your broken hearts people its almost St. Patricks day anyway people you have an excuse to binge drink.


Alright so let me give you some steps when you are dealing with a broken heart (Your clubs shitty form).

  1. Remember all the good times people, remember what you accomplished this year, the past year, all the great games, all the great players in your club. Just remember that you have come a long way. For Madristas that is the 3rd straight Club World Cup Championship, Vinicius’s emergence in Spain, and Modric’s Balon D’or. So try to be positive in these dark times. (I know it is very hard)


2. Think about how your team is going to be forced to improve now! You got to see the what your squad could do and now you get to fix the cracks. For Madrid that is finding a new coach to make the stars on our team play well again, and finding a goal scorer to fill that void that Ronaldo left, and Bale couldn’t fill. I am still hoping for Mbappe…


3. Get your facts straight and stay ready for banter. I am not saying that arguing with people is going to make you feel better, but when someone inevitably starts chatting sh*t it is very nice to have your facts straight and winning the argument.


4. It could always be worse. Listen comparing yourself to others because you are sad is petty, and you shouldn’t do it. EVER! With that being said lets take a look at our friends in London Chelsea FC. The team who just made serious moves to get Higuain who hasn’t exactly panned out yet, received a 2 year transfer ban for buying youngsters. In that same week they lost a cup opportunity, lost to bitter rivals, had beef between the coach and goalie over subbing, tons of drama. Chelsea good luck with your heart break.


If you have any other tips on how to deal with my football broken heart, please let me know for now I will just keep looking at Chelsea, and pray Madrid inject their UCL mode directly into their veins. Chat with me on twitter @shopaaj.


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