Italian Sides Taking Strides

It was a great week and weekend for the top clubs in Serie A. Some huge victories in the Champions League as well as some big wins in league play for a lot of the big name teams in Italy. What a day for Italian football.




What more can we say about Juventus other than they have been untouchable this season. Absolutely dominating in their Champions League appearances and pounding through the Serie A every weekend. Allegri has La Fidanzata d’Italia playing extremely well right now and firing on all cylinders. Ronaldo seems to be finding his scoring form but it is unsure whether or not he will be able to stick around to help the club attempt to lift the Champions League trophy. The Portuguese legend has been accused of rape recently and Juventus got hammered for coming out saying they support their player. This is exactly what is wrong with the world, people make conclusions about something before all of the facts and evidence come out and that leads to journos implementing their opinions into the news. That is not good journalism; in fact, that is extremely poor journalism and Walter Cronkite is turning over in his grave. That being said Bernardeschi is playing like a man on fire right now for the Turin squad and if he consistently performs at a high level then Juventus could lift that coveted Champions League trophy. Another standout for Juve is Joao Cancelo, he is absolutely on fire right now, constantly making excellent runs and shutting down opposing wingers, he truly is a great outside wingback in the making and a perfect compliment to set up opposite of Alex Sandro. Juventus proved again this week why they are one of the top three clubs in the world year in and year out after absolutely dominating Udinese.


* Actual Juventus Footage This Season ^^*




Ah, my beloved Giallorossi. The Wolves are finally hitting their stride. After a dominating Champions League performance midweek the Yellow and Red came back and played a tough match against Empoli. While this match should never have been close Empoli had their chances to break Roma’s spirits and thankfully they did not. N’Zonzi had one hell of a game and came away with the winning goal in the first half after a delicious looking free kick from a little inside halfway from Luca Pellegrini. I am pleasantly surprised by the play of Cengiz Under, the young turkish winger seems to be a good fit and a consistent starter in Di Francesco’s squad. Not surprising that Florenzi and Perotti were left on the bench for most of the game. In the second half Empoli again was consistently pressuring Roma’s final third and had their chances to equalize but the defensive stalwart Manolas, the Greek God, was up to the task.


Not enough good things can be said about the calmness of Daniele De Rossi, the lifelong Roman bossed the midfield from start to finish. He never seem rushed and always seemed to find the open man. He is getting up in age but he is doing an excellent job in utilizing his energy to maximize his effectiveness, and of course he is always getting stuck in on tackles. Studs Up, Man Down. Tackling Zone Ahead.


While Empoli was applying consistent pressure Roma was able to break on the counter and Dzeko was able to find the back of the net to seal the victory for La Lupa. While it was not the prettiest of matches Roma found a way to win, and in the league right now they need wins. You cannot start the year off like they did and draw matches that must and should be easy wins. Di Francesco has a lot to figure out with the squad but at least wins are finally coming.




Always an exciting squad to watch. Always find a way to somehow win, except when they are playing Juventus. The Naples squad has this tiny forward players with absolute missiles for feet. Insigne’s goal was absolutely beautiful and he struck the piss out of it. I mean Ounas finished two minutes into the game and there was no looking back. Sassulo played like absolute crap for ninety minutes but again Napoli has an excellent squad. What is with former Arsenal goalkeepers heading to Italy? First Scezney and now Ospina, it is like the pressure is off of them and they begin to perform at a high level. I will tell you what though, Napoli is a dangerous squad and I sure as hell would not want to face them at any point in time, Ancelotti has these boys absolutely on fire right now.


Inter Milan.


Another victory for the Milan squad and they are beginning to look like they are starting to be back where they belong, consistent challengers in Serie A. Mauro Icardi is an absolute nightmare to deal with, this man is a goal scoring machine and the Argentines has to be absolutely fuming mad that he was left off of the world cup squad for the likes of Higuain. I mean this was an exciting match to watch, there was beautiful football, vicious tackles, missed pks, great saves, anything a fan could ask for in a football match. SPAL did play extremely well and are a little unfortunate to come away with a loss but Inter held their ground and were able to hang on for another victory. Again none of this happens if Mauro Icardi is not on the squad. He definitely needs more support if Inter are going to continue to do well. Look for the Milan squad to be active in the January transfer window.


AC Milan.


Another Italian giant that we can only hope is turning their fortunes around. AC Milan came away with another victory in Serie A over the weekend and this is good news for all the fans of Italian football. The top five major sides were able to come away with victories over the weekend. AC still has plenty of ways to go but Higuain needs to be firing on all of his shots and he currently is. AC is another squad, much like their counterparts at Inter, that definitely could use a boost to parts of their team. Another squad that should be active in the transfer window.


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