Lopetegui Out

Well there we have it folk Julen Lopetegui has been sacked by Real Madrid…


Anyone surprised? Cause I sure as hell am not. This has to be one of the most shitty situations because one it is obviously not all his fault, two he was fired from the Spanish national team for taking the job, and three its October and the man has to find a new job, about 2 months into the season and he’s already gone. 6-6-2 these numbers should haunt you Julen.


Now before we claim who the bad guys are and all that jazz lets just ask ourselves one thing… Should Lopetegui have really been selected as head coach to begin with? His only other experience besides the national team before coming to Madrid was with FC Porto in 2014 where he coached 78 games won 0 trophies and was sacked.


Now when you come to a club like Real Madrid you are held at a higher standard. That standard may anger some people, might scare some people, but with the top clubs in Europe that is just how it is there is a demand for results and no matter where you won before, or what you have done for the club….. at the end of the day it is still a business. Fans want wins, board wants fans so they can take all their money. Now this is the typical cop out answer but as we can tell from the media and fans of Madrid over the last 2 months, and the 14 games Lope has managed Real Madrid is having issues.

Real Madrid have won the last 3 UEFA Champions league from their past manager who made history when it came to just not losing.


Lope had managed 14 games and only managed to win 6 of those games. These numbers are already unacceptable to the board, the president, and the fans not to mention going to the Camp Nou and getting their absolute asses handed to them 5-1 by a Messi-less Barcelona. Everything so far that Lopetegui has done at Madrid has been embarrassing but there was always that glimmer of hope. Maybe it is the injuries, or the world cup fatigue. Maybe it is even just bad luck we saw the system Lope had and Benzema and Bale went running rampid on teams with it to start out the campaign. But this season there has been two major changes, and Lopetegui happens to be one. If this problems are not fixed by the January window expect to see Madrid break the bank these next 10 months to bring them back to the powerhouse they have always been.


Lopetegui really did have my support and I don’t see another coach necessarily coming in and doing a better job, but I do know that whatever he is doing with the current roster Madrid has is not working and the results speak for themselves. On to bigger and better thinks I wish the best for you Lope, I really do hope you find success. But for the love of God I need Madrid to find success first, whoever takes over after Solari who is taking over as the interim coach. Rumors on Conte negotiations have broken down, and Young Leg is very busy so who knows whose next at Madrid.


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