Luka Modric: Best in the World

Luka Modric is now officially the best player on the planet. What a day to be alive the award returns to Madrid and there is no Ronaldo behind it.


Luka Modric has finally dethroned the two aliens of football Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo after ten long years. After being joined on the ballot by Mo Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo and beating both the incredible attackers. After winning a third consecutive Champions League title and fourth all together. Luka Modric continued his form into the summer, captain of the Croatia national team Luka Modric carried his team to the World Cup final the furthest his nation has ever been in the tournament, and left with the golden ball.


After being named UEFA player of the year, it should be no surprise that Modric wins the Balon D’or but without the name Messi or Ronaldo attached to the award fans remain stunned. The 33-year-old Croatian may not have the argument in terms of goals or assists, which is what we usually see the award given for, but more for his work to make the rest of his team look so good. In the seven games he played in the World Cup he played 694 minutes that is almost 100 minutes per match…. Matches are only 90 minutes long for those of you who do not know.


Modric is a box-to-box midfielder, which means he covers every aspect of the field, defensively, or offensively the man is a menace across the entire pitch. He is the type of player with an engine that never seems to die down and can create magic out of thin air. To those who are just looking at goals and assists you are going to be very upset Lionel Messi didn’t walk away with this award. For those of you that love beautiful football and know the game you will immediately understand that Modric deserved this award.


It is nice to finally see the people in charge of the award are looking at more than just two men and 3 different statistics (Goals, Assists, Trophies). It seems to be going back to the days of Zidane when midfielders could actually compete for the award and the judges seem to look at the entire aspect of the game rather than the box scores. From being the 2012 worst La Liga signing to becoming the best player in the world is something to be amazed by that we were so ignorant to think this man wouldn’t come and flip the football world upside down. So to the man who finally etched his name above Lionel and Cristiano congratulations and thank you for giving Madristas another reason to get excited every match day.


Quick run down of all of Luka Modric’s trophies after winning The Best Men’s Player.

2 Croatian Cup

7 Croatian Player of the Year

1 Spanish Champion

4 Champions League Titles

1 Spanish Cup

2 Spanish Super Cup

3 FIFA Club World Cup

3 UEFA Super Cup

1 UEFA Player of the Year

1 Balon D’Or


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