Luka Modric: The Croatian Maestro

Hello my fellow fans of footy or just some people hype on the world cup right now you are all welcome football loves all. I just want to take a second to let you know about a little boy who was a refugee at 6 years old and is now on his way to a world cup final.

Luka Modric.


At the age of six Luka Modric was made a refugee after his grandfather was shot and killed by Serb rebels close to his home. Following those years he lived in a war-zone, with sounds of explosions ringing and so much fighting. He finally fled Croatia after his house was burned down. But, despite all the problems he was facing there was always one answer for Luka… football. He moved a bit further from the war but was still in a place considered a war-zone but he was determined to follow his dream of playing football. His entire childhood coincided with the Croatian Civil war… so if you could only imagine growing up and dreaming about playing football professionally while in a war, explosions through the days and nights… seems almost impossible.

His friends parents and others did a good job of keeping that away from the children the best they could and Luka’s family eventually sent him to a sporting academy with the little money they had. Even at the academy though, its that same story they see a little boy trying to play in the center of the pitch, they tell him “ You are too small, not strong enough, too shy.” Well we know how this story goes. The Croatian power house team did not want him but his talent impressed another he headed to Dinamo Zagreb at 16 years old.


He then bounced around a bit to the Bosnian league, where at 18 years old he won player of the year ( it is one of the most physical leagues so they say). He then headed back to Croatia to play for Inter Zapresic where he won Football Hope of the Year award in 2004. He then spent many years at Dinamo Zagreb until 2008 he signed for Tottenham Hotspur where he was welcomed finally on the grand stage.


After the slow start at Spurs Luka took off he was quoted saying “Critics push you forward”. So Modric has been used to the talk all his life, and uses it to his advantage. He then made a move to Real Madrid where he has been the last six seasons. At Madrid he became his full potential as a player, he won everything.


He showed the world his talent, and he left himself just a few more things to do…

First things first was this little Croatian refugee is bringing his country to the World Cup, not only that they are going to win their group, not only THAT they are going to defeat England after a third straight 120 minute game and be headed to the final. Not only that but the captain of this Croatian side Luka Modric is not done yet, he lets the media know they are not tired, they are ready. They are waiting.


Luka Modric has rivals from many different leagues on the field with him, Rakitic from Barcelona, Lovren from Liverpool, Manduzic from Juvetnus, but none of that matters he has brought everything he has together with these men. The little boy from Croatia the refugee, whos grandfather was killed, who lived in a warzone, who was told he was too small, too weak, is now captaining his side to World Cup glory. Now if that is not the Cinderella story Hollywood is asking for…. Then I don’t know what is.


^^ (These are supposed to be rivals tho right?)

Luka Modric for Balon D’Or!



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