Manchester United’s Risen

Manchester United were thought to be done and dusted before the grueling holiday schedule of the Premier League. But on the 19th of December the dust started to settle and up stepped the Baby Faced Assassin. Ole Gunnar Solskjær returned to Manchester United as the caretaker until the end of the season after a dismal yet somewhat not shocking José 3rd year campaign with the team.


There was a time in the recent past where I was giving up on United. They weren’t the team I had fallen in love with years ago. There was no heart, no desire, which now given the nine games played since Jose’s departure we have seen time and time again. Sure it’s not perfect. The big blimp on the current reign for Ole is the draw at Burnley. Yet somehow I can barely classify that as a blimp. 2-0 down in the 84th minute, a José team would most likely have conceded and just try to get out of there. But not under Ole, the king of Fergie Time himself. Sure Pogba penalty run up is probably the reason there was an additional five minutes, but with one goal back to the good they would earn the draw after Victor Lindelof put away his first goal for the club, and after the year he’s had commanding that back line it deserved to be a winner.


Among other things Ole has brought back to the club, there are four players I want to highlight, and praise. Ever since Ole took over Paul Pogba has been a man on Fire. Arguably the best player at his position for the last month and that’s probably because he is playing free, he can express, and Ole is trusting him to take the game over.


Next up in Anthony Martial, finding himself on the field more and more the man produces, there is nothing more to say than he just straight up produces. Also now signing a contract extension we may be seeing the future of United unfold just a little more.


Speaking of Baby faced people making a resurgence, Marcus Rashford looks poised to be the No.10 at United for a long time, sure he’s going to take some fine tuning but having gained the favor over Belgium’s Lukaku up top. His form has been impeccable and the future is looking very bright indeed. Last but not least you knew I’d bring him up, the man who treats the Emirates as his personal dance floor, Jesse Lingard. The British Thomas Muller is back at again, although I don’t even know what to call his position. It seems like he’s everywhere, on both wings, or even in some instances, like right before a Moonwalk, a False nine, Bobby Firmino style. One thing’s for sure he is the moral boosting, heart, and chief of fun at this club.


So what do you guys think, should Ole Gunnar Solskjær be given the permanent job, should United look elsewhere, let me know @GlennLorance on twitter.


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