Mauro Who? By: Glenn Lorance

We are going to start today with a trivia question. Mauro Icardi is the first player since these two superstars to score 25 goals in a season for Inter Milan. I’ll give you a few hints, one of them talks about himself in the third person, refers to himself as a lion, and recently told the city of Los Angeles you’re welcome. The other, has won a few world cups, scored for all four teams that play in the Milan Derby, and El Classico, and at one point had the sketchiest hair cut of all time. Take some time and the answer will be revealed at the end of the article.


Mauro Icardi is the 25 year old captain of Inter Milan. The Argentinian international is often overlooked in world football and I’m curious as too why. He has scored 103 senior team goals for Inter and as I said earlier 25 this season alone. The argentine has been possibly the best striker in Italy this season, better than even his fellow countryman who is a regular in the Argentina national squad. (Higuain, Aguero, and Dybala just some names to toss out)

He is constantly finding himself on the outside looking in for the Argentina national squad, and it’s not for his lack of ability. Similar to Benzema for France he is being essentially blacklisted for an off the field scandal. Icardi was involved in an affair with a former teammates wife, that eventually ended up in a marriage between the two. Let me ask you this Argentina fans, Kim Aguero is probably over the hill, and just had a knee surgery, who would you rather have in Russia this summer. That’s not to mention Icardi’s goal tally this year has been better than Aguero’s.

It’s time for the football world to wake up and put some Respect Mauro Icardi’s name. Will he be in Russia this summer, feel free to give me your takes @GlennLorance on Twitter.

Oh the answer to today’s trivia question, if it wasn’t pretty obvious, those two legends are Zlatan and R9 Ronaldo.


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