Paolo Maldini Newest AC Milan Director

What’s going on my fellow footy people?


As I watch this community shield on my phone because it is only on ESPN+ (WTF by the way). I read the news that AC Milan LEGEND and all around LEGEND Paolo Maldini will be taking over as Sporting Strategy and Development Director for the Italian giants.


(Lets not forget Maldini is one handsome son of a b*tch)

Now this is awesome news seeing another legend that represents a club and country so well for so long. There is tons and tons of love world wide for Maldini and what he was able to do for football with his time at Milan.Now the first thing you are probably thinking is “Oh that’s awesome higher role at the club for Paolo.” Then the next thing you thought was “What the f*** is a sporting strategic and development director?”


Well don’t worry I thought the same damn thing. But pretty much when it comes to being a director for any club it means that you are going to play a role between the board and the manager. European clubs have been doing this for a while now I feel like they always give it a different name for example sporting director, director of football, etc. At one point it was even called caretaker manager…so good thing we switched it up.I like to think of the sporting director as the “Ari Gold” for the manager kind of does the dirty work to get him a deal or player, and same with the board to like calm the manager try and explain it to him.



To sum up his role for the club if a manager needs help gaining favor from the board in a certain situation or vice versa. Maldini acts as a median being a legend of the club, and also a businessman himself. The club knows where his loyalty lies and he can be relied on at the end of the day to help get the club what it needs, and what is the best fit.


What does this mean for AC Milan? I like to think teams also bring in a legend because a special part of them is with the club and also because the person coming in is being bred to manage the team. With the say you have between the board and the manager if you make decisions that they can all agree with and the team sees success after that I feel that a director usually leads to a management job. This is also obviously me day dreaming of a defender I tried to model my own game after and was in awe of tossing on a beautiful Italian suit, and managing AC Milan back to the glory days of himself, Kaka, Gatusso, Pirlo, and so many more legends.


Obviously this is all speculation made up by yours truly, but gaining a director job at a top level European club is no joke. I think that the passion he played with in the Milan jersey he will apply to bringing them back to glory. With the trust of the locker room, manager (his old teammate by the way), and the board you will be hearing from Milan very soon.


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