Peaky Blinders Derby


The Second City Derby. You are probably wondering what the hell the Second City Derby is. Hell I would not be writing about it if we did not have one of the most disgusting things to ever happen during a soccer game (in this era). It really is surprising that something like this has not happened more often, especially when it comes to Derby matches. Pitch invaders ruin games, I do not care if you are streaking, celebrating, or chatting shit: You are the scum of the earth and you ruin fucking games.


Before we get to the incident we will look at the game itself. I turned on the game at halftime immediately after hearing about the incident and my god it was probably one of the most entertaining footy matches I have watched in long time. There is nothing like Championship football, especially Championship derby football. It was loud, energetic, nasty, all the things you could hope for in a footy match from a TFT perspective, EXCEPT THAT SCUMBAG WHO ASSAULTED GREALISH (but more on that later).


The match was back and forth and it really looked like Birmingham had the better chances throughout the majority of the game but the Villa backline held up well. It was really in the second half (yes when I started watching, your welcome Villa fans) that Villa really started to string together some great passes and opportunities. Grealish and Hourihane were the two pulling the strings for the Claret and Blue and it paid off when Grealish bagged the game winner in the 67th minute. Grealish with quite possibly the biggest “fuck you” to Birmingham fans everywhere, great stuff. Hourihane almost stretched the lead with an absolute rocket off of the bar and who set him up? Grealish, shocker. The game ended rather frantically with Birmingham getting multiple corners and sending up Lee Camp but they were unable to finish. It is going to be a long night for Craig Gardner who had not one but two chances to tie the game. When I say chances, I mean this man had some absolute sitters and he soared one over the bar from eight yards out and then in extra time he steered a free header wide of the post. Pray for Craig Gardner tonight, especially if he lives in Birmingham.


Now let’s get to the real reason you are all here, the 10th minute of the game a Birmingham fan ran onto the pitch; he was not really moving that fast based on the video, and absolutely sucker punched Jack Grealish. It looks bad enough at normal speed but in slow motion it looks 10x worse as everything in slow motion does. Grealish could have been seriously injured and it would have been a damn shame to see that happen because this man has been at Villa since he was six years old. Born and raised in Birmingham and now captain of his boyhood club, the man is a club legend already and he is only 23, big things in his future. Grealish does get the last laugh however, that celly was straight out of Deeney’s playbook. If I were Grealish I would have been doing the “suck it” celly all the way around the field at all of the Birmingham fans but still good for him grabbing the game winner.


Now I have several thoughts on this entire situation:


First off Birmingham fans are scumbags, they were booing Grealish after he was assaulted…real classy. Two, Birmingham fans are scumbags and are really loud and you combine that with it being the Second City Derby it really gets your blood flowing. It is no wonder that the Peaky Blinders are from Birmingham, and yes Villa fans are also from Birmingham sooooo guilt by association.


Three, if this happened to one of my teammates I probably would have lost my shit on the fan. I have always hated when fans get this involved. Yes sports are passionate, yes they can lift you up and tear you down, but that does not give you the right to assault a man at his place of work. That being said the Villa players should have been going right after the fan not giving a shit about a “fine” or “suspension” because what that scumbag did was downright criminal and he would have deserved the ass beating. The gaffer, YL, thinks Grealish should have went after the fan himself and I have to disagree with him. If Grealish did that then we do not get to see the perfect ending where Grealish walks off the hero with the only goal of the game. As much as well all love to see Cantona drop kicking the hooligan, I don’t think Grealish is the type of guy who would do that.


Four, if John Terry was still playing for Villa and not an assistant coach then that fan might have died on the field. Holy hell I can only imagine what was going on through Terry’s head when he saw that fan run onto the field and cold cock his star player. Terry, a notorious asshole during his playing days, and I mean that with the utmost respect, would have most likely come flying in and did some damage. I believe Terry is cut from the same cloth as Cantona and Noble both of whom have physically dealt with fans before.


Five, this hurts football fans and players everywhere. Birmingham will certainly be fined and hopefully have closed door games as punishment. Playing a game in front of nobody seems like the right punishment especially after the behavior of the fans cheering the jackass who just assaulted somebody.


Now over here at TwoFootTalk we love our physical style of football. This, however, is a complete act of cowardice and such a giant scumbag move that it p***es me off. Yes, me and YL love to see a nice two footed tackle, studs showing, altercations between players, etc., but as a fan you sucker punch a player, fucking disgraceful. It does not matter if they are your biggest rivals! Keep it between the fans if your going to do shit like that, but going after a player? Really? Not to mention hitting him from behind, how much bigger of pussy can you be? I tell you what if this does not get fixed soon then there is going to be an even worse incident on the horizon. This is just the latest fan/player incident in the last couple of weeks…FIX IT.

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