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PFA Team of the Year Snubs…

This year we got a team of the year that honestly you cannot have too many arguments for. There are some names that I wish we could put on the bench or at least give them an honorable mention… So you know that must be what I am here for.


Currently on the team of the year our front three is exactly who you think it would be the top scorers in the league, Mo Salah, Harry Kane, and Kun Aguero. I have no complaints here there is a lot of other players who had fantastic seasons. We have names like Firmino the new Brazilian goal leader in the EPL, Sadio Mane the Senegal leader in goals for the EPL. Leroy Sane who was one of the assists leaders and currently up for young player of the year, next we have Raheem Sterling another potential young player of the year winner through his brilliant scoring season and all the assists he is racking up. Of course there is also Hung Min Son from Spurs who came almost out of nowhere with huge goals for Tottenham, and was always a threat coming out of the wing to help create for the big man Harry Kane. Obviously all these names have great seasons but nobody comes close to the goal tallies of the current front three. Still questionable to put Aguero on the wing but when you have the pace and shot he does he will be dangerous from wherever. Just so we are clear Lukaku you get no love, Arsenal fans don’t come here for love, and Chelsea if you would play Willian more he would be on my list (F Hazard).



Next we have the midfield and this is one is simply beautiful. In the middle we have no real holder but in this team that is not very relevant, the choices for midfield were Christian Eriksen, Kevin De Bruyne, and David Silva. These three choices were beautiful after the master class that Manchester city put in the midfield all year it is funny to see anyone outside of Manchester in this team. The two best playmakers in the league David Silva and Kevin De Bruyne aren’t even a question both of these players are up for player of the year, they had goals and assists to help bring in a title-winning season. Christian Eriksen does what Eriksen does which is making all of his teammates look amazing. His ball control, vision, and accuracy make him a problem on set pieces and anywhere on the damn field. The only snubs I can even bring up for this are two holding mids that I felt had great seasons, which were Fernandinho and Nemanja Matic. These two players play a role that is absolutely under valued in the modern football age which is eat up as much space as possible, win the garbage balls, and make sure you clog up the opposing midfield and help open up your own. Besides the names of Pogba and Ozil I don’t even see midfielders that can match the skills of the names I just mentioned. But with the injuries and lack luster performances from them I don’t have a single problem with this midfield of Eriksen, Silva, and KDB (Kevin De Bruyne)


On to the defense I think of all the areas to pick a team of the year this was probably the hardest as the elites in the premiere league have some big names on their back lines. Currently for the back line chosen we have Kyle Walker, Nicolas Otamendi, Jan Vertonghen, and Marcos Alonso. These are all perfectly fine choices I do believe there is argument for almost every position though besides Kyle Walker. There were no right backs that I felt had the same influence on the game as Kyle Walker. The names I would like to bring up are Cesar Azpilicueta, Davison Sanchez, James Tarkowski, Virgil Van Dijk, and Andrew Robertson. Now all of these players had excellent seasons, some were just a taste in their first season and we will see how the following seasons they can answer but for now lets stick to the snubs. Cesar Azpilicueta is the Sergio Ramos of the EPL for me, he can play inside or outside, hes brilliant attacking, and he has the Spanish flair that Manchester City love to play with. He anchored Chelsea’s backline and even though they did not have a great season he helped them hold only 33 goals allowed in 33 games, a pretty good mark for a down season. Davison Sanchez I don’t think I would really put him in the lineup but the season he had filling in for the injured Alderweireld (who could also be on the list without injury) was incredible. He didn’t let that Spurs back line really skip a beat paired next to Vertonghen. Next is James Tarkowski and I wanted to throw the Burnley man in here because he was their rock in defense and helped make Sean’s job much MUCH easier. They are having a breakout season and we are hoping to see them continue this and maybe even bring in some big name players to help fill out that back line. Did I mention Burnley is about to finish above arsenal? Sorry Gooners… Next there is the giant Dutchman Virgil Van Dijk(VVD).. and I don’t want to say he saved Liverpool but to go from a 5-1 defeat against the eventually champions, you lose Countinho and pick up VVD, then go on to beat the same team that smashed you 3 times in a row… I am giving Virgil full credit in getting that back line into shape and with the youth they had playing back there I think we are going to see Liverpool back on the big stage for the next few years. Finally the next Liverpool man Andrew Robertson now after stealing the job for Moreno who in my opinion is shit… sorry… he has not looked back for a second the 24 year old has gone and made the position his own. Would I switch him out for Alonso? Hell no but this young gun has gone and earned his spot and seen his team to a Champions League semi final with it so I think he has earned at least a name drop in my article. Another good young back plays smart, athletic, and great one on one defending not really much you can ask from an outside back.

James_Tarkowski_(Oct_2017).jpg(This is James^^ Big Mother F***** right?)

Finally we have the man protecting the net…. David Fucking DeGea there is no argument from me I have seen this man make some of the most incredible saves with a half assed back line all year and probably the past 4 years for United.


He is the best goalie in the world at this moment and I do not see anyone taking this spot away from him and I am hype to see what he can do in the world cup with a Spanish back line.


Obviously this is not what I am writing for we want the snubs right? For me the only names you can really put with DeGea’s ability and goal record currently are the champion’s goalie Brazilian Ederson who has fit right into Pep’s system, great with his feet, tough as nails, and a great shot stopper. Then I want to give a little shout to Pickford who has let in an abundance of goals but I still think with the right defense could be a top goalkeeper for England and Burnley again to go with the back line have a backup goalie in net currently who has been killing it Nick Pope. Now there is another obvious name Hugo Lloris who could also be mentioned here another world class goalie but since Tottenham seem to have taken the Arsenal root and started just locking up fourth place I don’t see him taking over DeGea’s spot for best goalkeeper.


Now I am not going to do manager because I think Pep is most likely going to get it which is crap to me dude spent like 500 million this year and last year, where as Burnley coach Sean Dyche has worked with almost no budget and led his team to an extremely successful year. He is the kind of coach you can bring him any random and he will find a spot for them to succeed in his side.


There are my opinions chat shit if you want it probably wont go well for you because I am always right, even when I am wrong I’m right, 98% of the time every time I am right. Come find me @Shopaaj

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