Pogba Go Home

We can pretty much say that Pogba’s time at United has not been the best after coming off a ridiculously hot year in Italy. 2 years have passed and we have only seen glimpses of what Pogba can actually do. I am still a huge believer that in the right system and with the right manager Pogba is the best midfielder in the world just off of athleticism, intelligence, ability, and overall creativity this man does some ridiculous things with the rock. So what in the world is going wrong for him right now? Well besides the fact he left a much stronger Juventus team (yeah I said it man u fans) to go back “HOME” to England, he went from winning titles and playing in champions league finals, to playing Europa league, and have to fight to place top 4.

Now I want to first give another excuse to say he has been injured more often than he was in his Juve days, but don’t give me that whole EPL is a rougher league because he practiced against some of the nastiest Italian defenders we’ve seen in years, so if anything going from Bonucci and Chiellini, to Phil Jones and Smalling should be easier on him. The real problem is that United dished out a huge sum of money to get him, and he hasn’t been put in a system where he can thrive and prove he is worth all that money.

Jose Mourinho for as good as a coach as he says he is, is a complete jackass. He has made fun of other coaches for blowing money and still sucking and now that he is doing the same thing he has no excuse and just blames anyone possible like the board, his players, the refs, fuck even the medical staff can get blamed by Jose as long as it wasn’t him. What he has Pogba doing is holding him back, rather than letting this fucking monster who can dominate play, go out and do his thing he makes him stay in certain spaces, limit his offensive movements, he pretty much has Paul driving the bus he is inevitably going to park infront of the net. Now with the addition of Matic I figured of word Pogba will do his thing now, Matic can cover defense. BUT STILL Jose finds a way to tell him to slow down, play more defensive, pretty much hide your main talent of beating players, creating space, creating chances, and taking ANY shots.

Juventus Pogba was a goal threat as soon as he passed the halfway line, now he is playing that typical United play around the box bullshit until they cross it, most likely don’t score and then try and do it all over again for 90 minutes. I have had enough of it, I am done watching Pogba waste his career at United. Either you get Mourinho out of Manchester or you consider your signing of Pogba a failure and send him out. Now when I say send him out I really mean send him back to Juventus since 1. They still haven’t filled his old spot with a REAL player of his ability, 2. Him and Dybala are boys and would make fucking magic in the midfield 3. Getting a star like Pogba helps you keep or lure other stars over (Kinda like what he just did to get Lukaku to United) and 4. Juventus are just a better club than Manchester United, I am sorry the Manchester United domination of England has been dead and gone ever since Sir Alex hung it up.

So Manchester United its decision time for y’all. Either let Pogba go back to his REAL home in Turin or, get Jose the fuck out of their bring in an actual world class coach that can build around the expensive ass tools you already have, and bring Manchester United back to the glory days of Cristiano Ronaldo, Tevez, Rooney, and Sir Alex. I want to say get Ancellotti to coach United I know he was coach Chelsea so there may be some beef, but fuck it world class coach you know can win big games for you.


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