Premiere League Managers… Who Stays? Who Goes? LADS TFT Crossover

TwoFootTalk partnered up with Martin Frasier from the LADS Podcast (Loud Americans Discussing Soccer) to bring you our round up of the premiere league managers and how we feel they did this past season. All your favorite and most hated premiere league coaches being put on blast and if we feel they deserve a job. So lets chat some shit!



Manchester City– Pep Guardiola (YL)

Well after a championship and possible record-breaking year you would think that any coach who brings his team two trophies job would be safe… Well when you are Pep Guardiola this is not the same case. With a manager of his standards and the money he has spent the club expects him to earn the clubs stripes in Europe. Now by no means do I think he should be fired he dominated the league this year just think the board will have a new goal for him next year mostly to make sure they leave their mark on European competition. Pep IN.


Chelsea– Antonio Conte (YL)

Oh how the mighty have fallen… Last years champions crashed out after some interesting summer signings that all seem to be failing currently. Antonio Conte is being blamed for the lack of success even though he just won them the league last season. I am actually rooting for Conte I don’t think Chelsea will find a manager that has the same passion and intelligence of the game. The real problem is when the transfer window came he did not get any of his real targets and they just threw money at the next opportunity *cough Morata cough*. So unlike the popular opinion I would like to see Chelsea give Conte at least another summer transfer especially after the world cup. Conte stays.


New Castle– Rafa Benitez (YL)

By no means do I think New Castle have had a great year and they have actually spent a little bit of money the last few seasons just can’t seem to find the right guys. Rafa Benitez is a very good coach he has seen success at all levels, shit he came from Real Madrid to New Castle. I don’t see them finding a better option at the helm. I think they need to trust Rafa’s plan as they are stringing together some wins now with some players starting to shine. After the world cup the summer transfer window should get wild and I would give him more time to make a team that can compete and possibly start to push for a European spot. He has recently complained they are not spending enough money so if he is given some more cash lets see what he can do. Benitez stays.


Crystal Palace– Roy Hodgson (YL)

The legendary Roy Hodgson came in and revived a lack luster crystal palace team out of the relegation zone and into safety. With this he always saved his reputation a bit, but at 70 years old the players still say “His coaching is a sadistic pleasure” now I don’t know how those two words really even go together to describe a coach but you are damn right he is keeping his job after successfully keeping his team up out of the danger zone, pretty much his only goal for the time he was given in the league. Hopefully a few more signings this summer and Roy can make a little wish list for the club to help for their season next year. Roy Hodgson you my friend have a job for the time being.


Manchester United– Jose Mourinho (Martin LADS)

Okay so I’m gonna start off with my team, and get the hardest on outta the way first.  Let’s talk about the season before we talk about Jose Mourinho. United is four games from the end of the season and I think we can all agree United’s season was disappointing, yet successful.  Exciting, yet boring. It’s been a weird season to say the least. In any other season, a team with 74 points with 4 games left to play, would most likely win the title. Enter City. No silverware for United in the League.  Get to the quarter finals of the Champions League. Enter Sevilla. No glory for United in the UCL. Now United plays Tottenham this Saturday in the semi-finals in the FA Cup, so the jury’s out on whether we’ll get the worthless cup.  So for all the potential, potential, and success United had throughout season, they ultimately came up short. So who’s to blame? Is the Mourinho experiment over? Well in my opinion, it shouldn’t be.

There is a certain atmosphere in the Premier League that allows/encourages managers to be fired the second their production dips below a satisfactory level.  That has just increased in the recent years. I’m not about it. Trust your manager. Give your manager the players they need. Now that’s not an excuse for United’s performance this year, but give Mo time and he will reap in the results in due time.  Assuming United takes my thoughts under consideration and keeps Mourinho, keep in mind he needs to change his own philosophy and tactics yesterday. The United of the old were electric to watch, and Mourinho has effectively muzzled his pit bulls and made United just about as fun to watch as LVG’s flop.  Going into next season, Mourinho has to change his mindset. If he doesn’t, he will be left behind. Look at Liverpool and City….attacking as shit, and they’re incredibly fun to watch and chasing remarkable success. Now I’m not saying adopt their tactics, but United/Jose need to change a lot of things in the off season to be as successful.  To sum it all up, United should not fire Mourinho, but they need to press him to change his tactics. Provide him players to insure that change. If his tactics and ‘success’ in the league does not change next year, then United should consider an alternative.

TL; DR: Give Mourinho another year to change his tactics and challenge for the title.  If he doesn’t, well sack his ass quicker than Trump fires his own cabinet members.


Burnley FC-Sean Dyche (Martin LADS)

The worm eating man himself! So Burnley’s season is an unprecedented success for them.  They showed promise last year, but this year have jumped on their potential and sure as shit surprised the league.  Burnley is 2 points behind Arsenal with four games left to play. Let me say that again for the people in the back. BURNLEY IS TWO POINTS BEHIND ARSENAL.  It’s been an incredible season for the worm eaters and incredible performance from a team that is worth less than Mustafi’s transfer fee. So, Burnley fans must be ecstatic with their season, their players and their coach.  There’s a possibility that we see Burnley in the Europa League next season. Ummm what? So let’s talk about their manager situation.

Sean Dyche took over the club in 2012, and in his first full season with the club he finished second in the Championship and was promoted to the EPL.  In his first year in the EPL, he finished 16th and ever since he’s been improving his position in the league.  Dyche has known nothing but success with Burnley, and he now reaches a cross road.  After guiding a 40mil pound team to seventh (maybe sixth) place in the premier league, he is sure to have suiters coming out in hoards from the rosebushes just like the Bachelor.  Burnley’s upper management will probably try everything in their power to keep Dyche at the club, but ultimately it comes down to Dyche’s own decision. Now, I have never seen a manager so respectful and gracious to his counterparts, referees, and players as I have seen in Dyche.  This leads me to think that he’ll stick around for another season. However on the flip side of the coin, money fuckin’ talks. Arsenal and Chelsea will be without a manager this summer, and there’s a chance they’ll try to court him. I could absolutely see Dyche taking over Arsenal and turning them into an iron clad defensive team that Burnley’s become known for.  I dunno if Arsenal fans would be about it, but I think most teams in the Premier League would be lucky to have him at the helm.

TL; DR: Dyche’s success at Burnley is unprecedented, and he will have many suiters come asking for his hand in marriage – er management.  At the end of the day, I give him a 80% chance to leave Burnley for greener pastures this summer. I’m a betting man so I’d take those odds.


Brighton and Hove Albion-Chris Hughton (Martin LADS)

The Seagulls! The last time Brighton was in the league was in 1982.  So after a 35 year break, Hughton was able to win promotion to the EPL and now they sit 13th with 4 games left to play.  A team that hasn’t been in the league for 35 years is comfortable in the premier league.  It starts with their manager. Hughton was brought on in 2014 and in 2015-2016 he missed promotion by 2 points.  The next year they were promoted to the top division. The Hughton story is very similar the Dyche story. Unheard of success and continuously improving their standings.  Well done. Because of this, I 100% think that Hughton will stic around another year with the Seagulls….I mean for a team to come up from the Championship and sit comfortably in 13th with only a couple games left to play is pretty damn good.

Hughton drilled a philosophy into his team that reaps its own rewards.  If yall have watched Brighton this season, they look fearless. Theyre going up against teams that are worth more than their home town, AND WINNING.  Case and point, Tottenham draw this week and beat Arsenal last month. I mean that’s pretty damn impressive. Stick with Hughton and become a strong mid-table team for a couple years to come.

TL; DR: A brand new team is comfortable near the end of the season, so keep Hughton at the helm or you will sink like that ship that hit the iceberg.  You know the one. The Titanic.


Swansea – Carlos Carvalhal (Martin LADS)

Well well well, after three years and eight managers, Swansea seems to finally found a keeper.  A red rose. Idk why I keep making Bachelor references, but deal with it. Carvalhal in eight games has a 50% win record, which might not seem like a lot, but he’s dragged them out of the relegation zone and instilled a new confidence in the Swans.  After Bradley and Clement, Carvalhal stepped in and righted the ship. Damn another Titanic reference. While there won’t be anything to show in terms of improvement at the end of the season, Carvalhal has done enough to save their season and their place in the English Premier League.  Now, as of right now, the Swans sit 4 points outside of the relegation zone, but four points away from 13th place, so Swans still have time to fuck this up or to seal their place.

Carvalhal has done a remarkable job in instilling new confidence and tactics in his floundering Swans.  If he does keep the Swans in the EPL next year, Swansea’s management needs to make a huge push to keep Carvalhal as he will be sought after by mid table teams looking for a fresh look.  However, if the Swans go up in flames, he hasn’t done the job he was brought in to do. Fire his ass if he can’t keep the Swans in the premier league and he’ll be able to find another small team job with little problem.

TL; DR: Carvalhal is on track to save the Swans after a miserable three years of barely hanging on.  If he can, put a ring on it and lock him down, but if he can’t, kick him to the curb like the rest of the Swansea managers.


Arsenal- Arsene Wenger (Bond)

Wenger Out. As of right now that seems to be in question but ultimately he must go. The man has been at the helm of the Gunners for 22 years now. Now this is a tough one because managers in the Prem just aren’t built like this anymore. He is the last of a dying breed. The Prem is all about instant success for the top clubs and as of lately Wenger has not been producing or inspiring victories. Take a look at the past couple of seasons, failed to make the Champions League, most likely will fail to make the Europa League for next season. Basing this solely off Premier League performance Wenger has to go. Ironically as I was combing through research for this I stumbled across the idea that Patrick Vieira (really the last hard tackling midfielder Arsenal had) is the man who Arsene wants to replace him. I am beyond ecstatic about that and would be the best way for Wenger to go out at this point (IMHO he should have left a couple of years ago).


Everton- Sam Allardyce (Bond)

Where to start? This is a club that I would not mind supporting because of the quality of players they always seem to produce. Not exactly stars but damn hard workers who will always play to the final whistle. Since Koeman was sacked (finally) Big Sam Allardyce has taken over as manager. I honestly believe his style of management is exactly the type that Everton needs to thrive. I would love for Big Sam to have an entire season in control of the squad. He took over a bottom of the tableside and really turned the season around. Everton will finish mid-table this year, but I can’t help but think with an entire summer Big Sam can take Everton back into a Europa League side (not to mention give the big dogs some troubles). I think that Allardyce will stay on to start the 2018 /19 season but how long he lasts is really up for debate.


West Ham- David Moyes (Bond)

Ah good ole’ David Moyes. Never should have left Everton. Alas here he is managing an abysmal Hammers’ team. The season isn’t over yet and there is still a possibility that West Ham reaches the relegation zone, and that my friends would be a tragedy. It’s not that West Ham needs the Premier League it’s that the Premier League needs West Ham. Green Street Hooligans (great fucking film) is how I came to know the West Ham squad and West Ham is a team that needs to embody that mentality in the Premier League. Hard-tackling and ruthless defense of their badge, they are the Hammers for Christ-sake. Moyes just hasn’t found a groove with this squad and has been an awful manager at his last few clubs. Moyes is gone.


Stoke- Paul Lambert (Bond)

Honestly it would be great if Stoke went down because they always give Arsenal fits. However, like West Ham, this is a squad that I would hate to see out of the Premier League. Ultimately though it appears that Paul Lambert will be managing Stoke in the Championship next season. No, Lambert should not get sacked, his predecessor (Mark Hughes) managed the side terribly to put them in a position to be relegated and Lambert doesn’t have the players to get himself, or the club, out of this hole. Lambert should not be sacked; I think managers that get sacked after half a season in charge are hard-done. Again that is the way the Prem works nowadays. Lambert stays, but only if he can get the players to produce results. It is possible for Stoke to get out of the relegation zone. Lambert stays.

Over the course of the Premier League campaign, gaffers get fired for various reasons. Usually it comes down to a failure to perform in the league table or not quite living up to expectations established during the summer transfer window.

Over the next few minutes we’ll take a look at four PL sides and the progress of their gaffers this season.


Leicester City Football Club- Claude Puel (Stan)

There’s been quite the fall from grace for the Tigers of King Power Stadium. The 15/16 title winning side is but a dream now as Claudio Ranieri is long gone and trying to rewrite history for yet another small club on the continent. Jamie Vardy is still scoring goals but that is the only constant which remains. At least that’s how it feels anyway.

Craig Shakespeare lead LCFC… into a relegation battle and was then sacked for Claude Puel to hopefully lead them back to safety. He’s done better than that as LCFC sit 8th in the table on 44 points. Job done for Puel but rumors are ripe about dissention in the Tigers’ training room. Riyad Mahrez, anyone? Expect more selling from the Tigers this summer.


Watford Football Club- Javi Gracia (Stan)

Tom Cleverly banged home a winner past Petr Cech and scenes ensued at Vicarage Road. The Hornets were vying for a top-7 finish at the time and Marco Silva was the hottest name amongst the managerial ranks in Europe.

And then Everton called…

The board of this lesser known London club caught wind of Everton looking to replace the dispatch Ronald Koeman with the wonderful Brazilian midseason. Instead of going to the FA and requesting a proper inquiry, Silva was fired despite the impressive start.

Watford now sit 12th and probably won’t finish higher than 10th. Their roster seems ripe for the taking with plenty of talent desired across England and beyond.


Southampton Football Club- Mark Hughes (Stan)

Goals can be hard to come by for some top-flight sides. For the Saints of Southampton this is certainly the fate they’ve been resigned to. It also doesn’t help when your best players are routinely sold to Liverpool. The two are a terrible mix for PL survival.

Massimo Pelligrini must’ve heard the ax swinging over his head throughout the year as he tried to keep his players in tow. Virgil Van Dijk’s imminent departure to the Northwest certainly didn’t help matters.

Charlie Austin’s 3-match ban for violent conduct during the holiday fixture season didn’t help either. Current gaffer Mark Hughes would need an absolute miracle to keep the Saints above 18th place by the end of the campaign.

Say hello to the Championship. Please and thank you.


Liverpool Football Club- Jurgen Klopp (Stan)

Reds in September –

#KloppOut #FSGOUT

Reds now –

#KloppForever #FSGIN #AllezAllezAllez

I’ll spare you the details in full but with a Champions League semi-finals appearance and a top-4 finish all but locked up, the Anfield faithful have certainly changed their tune.

The return of the press, 3 defeats over Manchester City in the calendar year, and some dynamic attacking football has made LFC the pride of English Football despite City winning the league crown.


It’s too simple for some. Others have finally come around.


Tottenham Hotspur Football Club- Mauricio Pochettino (Stan)

Mauricio Pochettino, (aka Poch), is part of the growing number of PL gaffers who prefer to play wide open, attacking football. Looks great on the tele yet the trophy cabinet will remain empty for the North London outfit. Their run in the Champions League came to a shocking end when Gigi Buffon and Juve shocked the Spurs at Wembley in the 2nd leg of their knockout round tie.

Currently 4th in the table the Spurs will more than likely capture another CL appearance as they look to retain the services of several key players when their new stadium opens in the Fall.


AFC Bournemouth- Eddie Howe

While Poch has managed Spurs to some dazzling football in the nation’s biggest city, a smaller club on the south coast has displayed some similarly beautiful attacks on GKs across the league.

Eddie Howe has been a “wonder-gaffer” of sorts the past several years, proving that smaller clubs can and should attack the bigger clubs of the Premier League. With such talents as Jordan Ibe, Jermaine Defoe, and others, the Cherries will finish mid-table this campaign despite not having the bankroll to compete with similar sides.

Take all points at home and survive on the road is the MO for Howe as he should look for reinforcements this summer to push Bournemouth into a top-7 finish in 18/19.


Huddersfield Town Football Club- David Wagner (Stan)

Being Jürgen Klopp’s best mate doesn’t exactly guarantee you success in the Prem but David Wagner’s debut campaign in the top flight will be a success indeed if they can survive.

Captain Aaron Mooy of the Australian NT leads a tight and compact side who reside just above the drop zone with just a handful of matches left in the season. Will Wagner survive? Bet on yes.


West Bromwich Albion- Darren Moore (Stan)

Pulis-ball is boring.

Disposed gaffer Tony Pulis never apologized for his defensive approach to the game. Sit back tight, absorb the pressure, counter only when absolutely necessary was the name of his game. The Baggies relished in the relegation zone as a result.

Alan Pardew didn’t fare much better as West Brom became the doormat of the PL. He too was recently dispatched after telling the press he wanted to stay at the Hawthornes despite relegation looming for WBA.

Then Darren Moore was named caretaker.

And Foster/Hegazi/Rodriguez led the charge for the upset of the season at Old Trafford. It was Pulis-ball on steroids that day. Moore will have plenty of opportunity to flash his managerial style and skill. In the Championship. (He’s deserved every opportunity to do so and may even attract the eye of a club not subjected to relegation).


These are all of our opinions love em or hate em come chat shit with us. As always keep it TwoFootTalk #TFT.

YL – Young Leg @Shopaaj

Bond- Tyler Bond @tybond16

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Stan- Stan Whyte- @RealWhyteDudeFC

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